"So What is Your China Travel Golden Route?"

"China Travel Golden Route?"

The beautiful country of China definitely has many golden routes depending on your personal interest.

However when this question is being asked, some places do appear on most people’s answer more often than others – Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In deed, if you haven’t visited China at all or have limited time for a visit, these cities are your top choices. Some people even add them to their bucket list.

China Travel Golden Route - Photo Tour

Let Me Be Your Virtual China Travel Guide

Want To See The Best Of China? Come With Me!

My name is Anna, a native Chinese. I live in Hong Kong and travel to China extensively. I want to walk you through the golden route of China and share with you my travel experiences and stories. I have tailored a few easy-to-learn Mandarin phrases for travel purposes. You can surprise the merchants while shopping in China.

I have also included some need-to-know information when visiting China. If you want to find out what to do, to see and to buy, stay with me. Ready? Let’s have a quick preview of the China Travel Golden Route.

China is an extremely fascinating country and is rich in culture and history. Everywhere you see are historical wonders surrounded by beautiful landscape.

A few highlights include the magical Forbidden City and the inspiring Great Wall of China at Beijing.

You can marvel at the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses in Xian, explore the beautiful landscape in Guilin with the high flyers in Hong Kong.

Things you see on the golden route are crown jewels of China sightseeing.

Are you interested in any of these?
The golden route has it all:

• China culture
• China civilization
• China history
• Picturesque landscape
• Chinese artifacts
• Delicious Chinese food
• Shopping
• Entertainment

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Hong Kong

With its unique historical background Hong Kong has become the first Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China - having its own infrastructure, currency and visa requirement. Being named Asia’s World City, Hong Kong is a perfect place for a stop over break or a week’s relaxation.

Shanghai - Undoubtedly, every visitor loves Shanghai. As part of the golden route, Shanghai has attracted many celebrities including Bill Clinton in 1998 and Barack Obama in 2009. Want to check out the world’s fastest train? Here you go - Shanghai Maglev. Want to see China in the recent 100 years, plan for a Shanghai day trip.

Food Lovers' Paradise

If you are a food lover, China is your paradise – Peking Duck from Beijing, fresh seafood and dim sum from Hong Kong, dumplings from Xian…and a lot many. I’ll show you what and where to eat.

China Visa
You need a visa to visit China, unless you are a ordinary passport holder of Japan, Singapore and Brunei and visit China for tourist purpose. Visit my visa page for details.

Travel Insurance
This is a must when visiting China. Hospitalization in China is expensive. Please make sure your travel insurance covers both health and medical evacuation. This is especially important if your medical insurance does not valid overseas. For example, US medical insurance is not always valid outside the United States.


There are many ways to explore China. Of course it all depends on your personal interest, budget and available time.

Getting on a package tour is the most hassle-free option. Although I know China so well, I always go for this option because it allows me to see the most in the shortest time. Here are some itineraries to help you explore the China Travel Golden Route. There must be something that suits your budget, interest and time.

On the other hand, if you want to go longer and cheaper read The Long-Term Traveler's Guide. The 248-page guide covers all aspects of the planning process from deciding to go, developing your itinerary, saving for the trip, finding the best food, and much, much more.

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Hotels In China

Read unbiased reviews and find the best deals about hotels in Beijing; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Xi'an; Guilin

Celebrity Visit To The China Travel Golden Route

President Clinton to Visit China from June 25 to July 3

At the invitation of President Jiang Zemin of the People's Republic of China, President William Clinton of the United States of America will pay a state visit to China From June 25 to July 3, 1998.

This was announced by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao in Beijing on June 4 at a regular press conference.

President Jiang Zemin will exchange views in an extensive and in-depth manner with President Clinton on China-U.S. relations and international issues of common concern, Zhu said.

Apart from Beijing, President Clinton will also visit such Chinese cities as Xi'an, Shanghai and Guilin and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Press Release Source: Embassy of The PRC in The USA

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