Best Hills and Waters in China

Guilin, China

Guilin has the best hills and waters in China. It is also one of the most beautiful cities in China. Along the China travel golden route, this is the city for you to fully relax and enjoy.

Absolute Beauty

Beautiful landscape integrated with fabulous countryside. Ranges of lovely verdant mountains line up on both banks of the Li River. Crystal clear water with inverted images, fantastic limestone caves, wonderful rock formations are the travel highlights.

Here, we won’t talk about China history, China culture, China civilization, or any other serious topics of China like what we did in Beijing and Xian. We’ll only visit scenic places, relax and enjoy countryside life style.

Loved by Domestic and International Tourists

Guilin, China

Guilin receives millions of domestic and overseas visitors annually.

It is ranked second on China’s list of top 10 tourists’ destinations.

Since 1972, four former US presidents including Nixon, Carter, Bush and Clinton visited here. Nixon described it as ‘a bright pearl of China’. Clinton said it made him think of traditional Chinese paintings.

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Tour Recommendations

Guilin travel is all about beautiful hills and waters. So no matter what we do, we are focusing on how to explore the hills and waters and their associated landscapes.

The hills here are cute, lovely and of unique shapes. You don’t have to worry about climbing or getting tired. Just take your time, relax and walk, then you are at the peak to enjoy the breathtaking views of the scenic city.

Though we have beautiful waters here, we don’t have corals. Therefore few people come to do diving. However you can do almost any kind of water related activities, such as cruising, bamboo rafting, kayaking and canoeing.

Li River Cruise

The elegant Li River is just like a silk ribbon winding through the city. The 84-km Li River cruise between Guilin and Yangshuo could be the most stunningly beautiful journey on earth.

Cave Exploration

Because of the limestone landscape, you’ll find the world’s most spectacular limestone caves here. Among them, the Reed Flute Cave and the Crown Cave are the most marvellous. Please make sure to visit both of them.

Want to know how limestone caves are formed? Click here to see some facts.

Water System Dream Tour

Make sure to take a boat cruise for a dream tour on the Guilin Water System. This is a very scenic tour within Guilin city. It consists of two rivers and four lakes namely the Li River, Taohua River and the lakes of Ronghu, Shahu, Guihu and Mulong. This water tour is available day and night. You can see the three scenic Chinese classical gardens at the lakes of Ronghu, Shahu and Mulong while admiring the famous traditional hills of Elephant Hill, FuBo Hill, Yao Hill, BaoJi Hill and Laoren Hill, etc.

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Yangshuo, Guilin

Chinese says “Guilin has China’s best hills and waters; Yangshuo has Guilin’s best hills and waters”. The sceneries in this little town is the best-of-the-best. It is also the best place for you to stay and relax. Find out why a lot of foreigners stay and start their families here.

• Rafting
• Biking
• Follow Bill Clinton’s foot steps
• Fishing Show
• West Street Nightlife
• Impression Liu San Jie Show

Beautiful Hills

Guilin - Elephant Hill

Your tour in this beautiful city is incomplete if you don’t visit some beautiful hills. Here is a list of the top spots within the city area.

• Camel Hill and Seven-star Park
• Elephant Trunk Hill
• Duxiu Peak (Solitary Beauty Peak)
• Deicai Hill (Folded Brocade Hill)
• Fubo Hill (Wave-Subduing Hill)

China travel tip: Guilin

There is a lot of rain in summer. The rain could be so heavy that hinders people from work. If you want to have a perfect tour, you must have to avoid the rainy season of June, July and August. Actually the best time to come for a tour is September and October. Average temperature around 20ºC and clear visibility will make your travel exceptional comfortable and enjoyable.

Guilin Tours

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