Hong Kong Chinese New Year Food

In Hong Kong, Chinese New Year food is an important issue to the locals. There are certain foods that we eat a lot around the New Year period. Puddings of all kind are truly important to Hong Kong Chinese, especially Cantonese.  Because ‘pudding’ carries the same pronunciation as ‘growth’ in Cantonese.  There are other delicious foods resembling good value and meaning in Chinese (Cantonese) culture.  Below are a few examples.

  • Pudding – growth
  • Fish – surplus
  • Lettuce - wealth
  • Oyster – good business
  • Pig’s tongue – good profit
  • Hairy vegetable – lucky money
    Pig’s knuckle – lucky money

Below is photo tour that I’ve assembled with the photos that I’ve taken around Chinese New Year.  They are mostly home made or from restaurants.  

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Food – Photo Tour

Talking about Hong Kong Chinese New Year food, a New Year Eve family dinner is a greatly important event.  As a matter of lifestyle change, few families cook their own family dinner nowadays, instead they go to restaurants.  My family has been doing the same.  Because it is an important annual family event, we don’t mind to pay a little more to tailor our own menu to include all our favourite foods and to hire a private room.  Below is a report of our 10-course Chinese New Year family dinner.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Family Dinner – Photo Tour

Visit my food blog to view a full description of my 2014 CNY family dinner.

In fact my family dinner is kind of a mid range menu.  Let's look at one which is more towards the higher end.  Below I found a Spring Dinner menu from 3 on Canton situation within Marco Polo Hotel in Hong Kong.


Barbecued whole suckling pig


Baked crab shell stuffed with assorted meat and seafood


Deep-fried fresh prawns and chicken with garden greens


Braised dried oyster with pork tongue and sea moss


Double boiled bird’s nest with seafood soup


Braised sliced abalone with black mushroom and vegetables in oyster sauce


Steamed fresh spotted garoupa


Deep-fried crispy chicken


Glutinous rice with preserved meat


Shrimp dumpling with noodles in supreme soup


Double boiled papaya with snow fungus and longan


Finest selection of chinese petits fours


Menu price at HK$8,888 per table




每席供12 位用


3 hours unlimited serving of soft drinks, chilled orange juice and local beer during dinner

Complimentary use of mahjong facilities

Complimentary lunch buffet coupon for 2 persons at Three on Canton

Each table for 12 persons

Menu Price subject to a 10% service charge

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