Hong Kong Shopping Malls

Hong Kong shopping malls are going to offer you incredible shopping experiences. Shopping malls here are world-class for sure. Hong Kong imposes no import tax, no sales tax or value added tax. You can buy the hottest, trendiest and newest items at highly competitive prices.

Let’s have a quick browse of the most popular shopping malls first. Next, I am going to tell you what and where to buy.

Central District – Hong Kong Island

IFC Mall

Hong Kong shopping mall - IFC

Among all Hong Kong shopping malls, the IFC Mall is the newest and most deluxe. It connects the IFC I and II and the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel. Even if you don’t plan to buy, you do worth making a trip here. You’ll find this mall extremely impressive. It is highly competitive to any other first class mall you could find in London, Paris or New York.

You can find the world’s finest everything here, a. testoni, Burberry, Cerruti 1881, Escada, Prada and so on. You must love this mall though things are expensive.

Direction: MTR Central station, Airport Express Hong Kong station

The Landmark

Hong Kong shopping mall - Landmark

The Landmark used to be the most prestigious among all Hong Kong shopping malls before the opening of the IFC mall. At the heart of Central, it connects two blocks of A-grade office buildings and the Landmark Oriental.

The mall itself has five levels and an in-door fountain in the middle. All kinds of world famous designers’ fashion, jewellery and leather goods are available here. At some stage, it was on local news headline that tourists line up at the Louis Vuitton shop at The Landmark as they were unable to buy original LV products at such attractive price elsewhere in the world.

Connected to the Landmark via covered foot bridges are smaller malls at Prince’s Building and Alexandra House. All these Hong Kong shopping malls are selling very prestigious fashion and accessories.

Direction: MTR Central station

Quick tip: In Central, there is a well developed cover footbridge network linking up most of the shopping malls. You call walk from Four Seasons Hotel to IFC all the way to The Landmark without crossing a road or carrying an umbrella on a rainy day. The buildings and malls in the network are namely IFC I & II, Exchange Square, Prince’s Building, Chater House, Alexandra House, Worldwide House and The Landmark.

Admiralty – Hong Kong Island

Pacific Place

Hong Kong shopping mall - Pacific Place

Pacific Place has three phases, but shopping mall is mainly at phase one. The goods here are of high quality however less expensive than IFC and Landmark. Lane Crawford operates here. The whole of the basement are restaurants and supermarket.

Across the street via covered foot bridge is the Admiralty Centre. The goods here are far cheaper than those at the Pacific Place mainly selling fashion and accessories.

Pacific Place is connected to the Supreme Court of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Park via escalators. At the end of the escalators, there are three hotels namely Island Shangrila, Conrad and Marriott.

Direction: MTR Admiralty station

Causeway Bay – Hong Kong Island

Times Square

Hong Kong shopping mall - Times Square

Among Hong Kong shopping malls, this one is extremely well-planned. If you have a particular product in mind, this could be an ideal place to buy.

At the heart of Causeway Bay, Times Square has a different theme on each floor, such as children’s goods, audio-visual and telecom products, sports goods, fashion and accessories. The goods here are far more economic than those of IFC, Landmark and Pacific Place. It is my favourite shopping mall.

Inside the mall, there are four levels designated to restaurants. You can spend a day here without getting hungry, nor getting wet on a rainy day.

The newly opened Holiday Inn Express is just across the street.

Direction: MTR Causeway Bay station

Windsor House – computer mall

Hong Kong shopping mall - Windsor House

Among the Hong Kong shopping malls, Windsor House is the pioneer in setting up three floors designated to computer goods.

Among all the computer malls in Hong Kong, this has the most comfortable shopping environment. You can buy all kinds of computer products from PC to notebooks or palm pilots, softwares and accessories. You would rarely bump into pirate products in this mall. However it is always save to check for its authenticity.

Park Lane Hotel is just opposite to the Windsor House.

Direction: MTR Causeway Bay station

Wanchai – Hong Kong Island

Wanchai Computer Centre – computer mall

This is one of my favourite Hong Kong shopping malls. Its computer product range is very comprehensive and pricing is very competitive. The computer mall is always full of people as it is conveniently located next to Wanchai MTR station.

Direction: MTR Wanchai station, exit A4, turn left

Tsimshashui – Kowloon Peninsula

Harbour City

Other than Hong Kong shopping malls, let’s cover Kowloon shopping malls as well. Harbour City does deserve the name. There are many blocks of commercial buildings and hotels lining up along Canton Road in Tsimshatsui all the way towards Jordan.

Connected to Ocean Centre and Ocean Terminal, the shopping mall at Harbour City consists of hundreds of shops and restaurants. You can buy almost anything at reasonable prices. Comparatively, this mall is not as superior as Landmark and IFC, though it is huge in size.

The Royal Pacific Hotel and Marco Polo Hotel are right here.

Direction: MTR Tsimshatsui station; from Star Ferry, Canton Road is just next to Star House.

China travel tip: Hong Kong Shopping Malls

Shopping malls in Hong Kong are not only places for shopping. Newly developed malls usually have restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment facilities. Therefore do expect crowds, especially on weekends.

Central is an exception as it is a commercial district, locals seldom take their families here to spend a weekend. Therefore, the malls here are usually more prestigious and less crowded, though things are more expensive.

Things in shopping malls usually carry price tags, no bargaining please. Slim discount might be offered if you purchase in bulk. Credit cards are generally accepted.

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