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Get to know about Hong Kong transportation in important for you to explore Hong Kong on your own. In fact, Hong Kong travel is more fun to be on your own.

Hong Kong transportation is very well developed. Sophisticated networks of highways, roads and railways together with various types of public transportation make your way easy to everywhere. Due to huge population and little land, please be prepared to put up with crowds.

As a visitor, the following information about Hong Kong transportation is worth knowing.

Octopus Card

Hong Kong transportation - Octopus Card

Upon your landing in Hong Kong, do get an Octopus Card at the Hong Kong Airport. This is extremely convenient for you to get on any public transportation in Hong Kong without worrying about coins and changes.

The Octopus Card is a stored valued card which requires a HK$50 refundable deposit. However the value shown on the card wouldn’t include this amount. You are allowed a maximum of HK$35 overdraw. You can add value to the card of not exceeding HK$900 at a time. Visitors can buy a visitor's Octopus and refund of remaining value is available when you leave Hong Kong.

Hong Kong transportations that accept Octopus payment are: Airport Express, MTR, KCR, Star Ferry and other ferries, Tram, Peak Tram, green van. The beauty of the Octopus Card does not only limit to Hong Kong transportation. Actually a lot of retail shops accept Octopus payment, such as MacDonald’s, 7-Eleven and many others.

You can purchase an Octopus Card at any of these locations:
• Airport Express Customer Service Centres
• MTR Customer Service Centres
• Light Rail Customer Service Centres
• Add value points - All outlets of 7-Eleven and Circle K Convenience Stores

Hong Kong MTR

Hong Kong transportation - MTR station

Whenever time is of essence, I take MTR. It has proved to be a safe, reliable and efficient public Hong Kong transportation. Its air-conditioned cabin does not allow eating and drinking. This makes your journey to be extra comfortable.

Minimum fare is HK$4 (US$0.5). Within major urban area is just HK$11 (US$1.4). MTR offers around 10% discount to Octopus users. MTR is extremely convenient to take you to everywhere in Hong Kong. It is connected to Airport Express, Disney Line, KCR train and Shatin racecourse.

Click here to download a detailed Hong Kong MTR route map

Hong Kong Airport Express
Airport Express is a high speed rail operated by MTR. It takes you from Airport to Central in just 23 minutes at a toll of HK$100 (US$12.8). Airport Express provides free porter service, free shuttle bus and free MTR connections. Airport Express is luxurious, comfortable, fast and reliable.

Hong Kong Tram

Hong Kong transportation - tram

Hong Kong tram has over 100 years of history. It runs on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island. From Shaukeiwan in the east to Kennedy Town in the west, it costs only HK$2 (US$0.26). This is the cheapest Hong Kong transportation and probably the cheapest in the world.

Double-decker trams are usually crowded, especially during peak hours, Sunday and holidays. They are not air-conditioned, you might feel uneasy during summer time. However their speed is slow, therefore they are good for sight seeing.

Late evening perhaps after nine is the best time to get on to the upper deck of a tram to experience Hong Kong. I would suggest a trip from Central to Causeway Bay where you can see the busiest and the most interesting part of the Hong Kong city. From Central, hop on any east-bound route, or vise versa from Causeway Bay. In either cases, avoid the Happy Valley route, or you won’t be able to see the best city views of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Star Ferry

Hong Kong transportation - Star Ferry

Star Ferry is one of the most important Hong Kong transportation for locals and visitors. It takes passengers from Central or Wanchai to Tsimshatsui. Its upper deck costs only HK$5.3 (US$0.7).

Star Ferry is cheap, but it is great. The five-minute ride from Central to Tsimshatsui is the best way to view the Hong Kong skyline and the world-famous Victoria Harbour. The view on board is extremely stunning especially at night. Locals like me always make excuses to ride on Star Ferry, only for the view.

Hong Kong Peak Tram

Hong Kong transportation - peak tram

The Peak Tram is one of the earliest public transportations in Hong Kong. It is a funicular railway and is the shortest yet most scenic route to the Peak of Hong Kong. The whole journey takes seven minutes with four stops.

Peak Tram is not only a vehicle, it is a unique experience of your Hong Kong travel.

It takes you up an incline as steep as one in two, almost perpendicular at some points. Buildings look like they are leaning at a 45-degree angle. They just look like a jungle of buildings with extreme density. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

Single journey: HK22
Return journey: HK$33

Peak Tram town station is located at Garden Road in Central. It is just a minute’s walk from the Bank of China Tower or the Cheung Kong Center. It is connected to Star Ferry by open-top bus number 15C. If you want to go to the Victoria Peak, this is a great way to experience Hong Kong.

Open top bus 15C: HK$3.20 (Air-Conditioned or Open Top)

Hong Kong Taxi
Urban taxis start at HK$18 (US$2.3) for the first 2 km and HK$1.5 per additional 0.2 km. New Territories taxis are slightly cheaper. You’ll have to pay for waiting time, luggage fee and tunnel toll. Refer to this taxi fare table for details.

Transportation in Hong Kong is always heavy, hence there are restricted areas where taxis are not allowed to stop at certain times of a day. You can request for a receipt if necessary. Hong Kong law requires taxi passengers to wear their seat belts.

China travel tip: Hong Kong Transportation
As a matter of history, Hong Kong transportation reflects a British style. Different from mainland China, Hong Kong vehicles are right-hand drive. When crossing a road, check your right hand side first.

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