Best Macau Walking Tour

The best Macau walking tour is full of fun and covers the gems of Macau sightseeing.  You’re going to see everything you want to see – from historial landmarks to contemporary Vegas style casinos.

I used to work in Macau 82-84 and I wanted to do a reminiscence tour, so I went on a solo visit to Macau and walked through this golden route of Macau walking tour once again.  Although I’ve walked it countless times, it is never boring.

Everything started at Senado Square, with neighborhood Leal Senado, central fountain, Holy House of Mercy and Central Post Office.  Next to the Post Office is Haagen Dazs where my office used to be.   So I decided to kick off my tour there.  The best reason to walk into the place is to sit down and enjoy ice cream. 

My Macau 30 Reminiscence Walking Tour – Photo Tour

My Macau 30 Reminiscence Tour Routing

The routing and major points of interest of this 2-hour walking tour include:

17:15 - Haagen Dazs (my former office) – next to Central Post Office

·     Senado Square

·     Ruins of St. Paul’s

·     Mount Fortress

·     Walk back to Central Post Office on the same route

·     Walk along Av. Almeida to Hotel Lisboa

·     Cross the road to Wynn

19:15 - Dinner at Star World Hotel 

In fact 2 hours is my time on solo tour including setting up of tripod to take photos for myself and walk in a very leisure pace.  The time you spend will largely depend on your walking speed and how you want to explore the points of interest. 

On the way to Ruins of St. Paul’s there are many souvenir shops offering free tasting.  It’s going to be a very interesting walk.  If time permits, I would highly recommend your exploring the following Macau heritages along the way. 

Macau Walking Tour – Must See Points of Interest 

Ruins of St. Paul's – The number one Macau landmark, originally St. Paul's College and the Cathedral of St. Paul, a 17th-century Portuguese cathedral .

Mount Fortress - Built in conjunction with the Jesuits from 1617 to 1626, this was the city’s principal military defence structure, and was crucial in successfully holding off the attempted Dutch invasion of Macau in 1622. 

**Can take lift from Macau Museum as a fast track to Mount Fortress.  But you have to pay entrance fee to visit the Macau Museum first. 

Macau Walking Tour – Optional Points of Interest

Museum of The Holy House of Mercy – right next to Haagen Dazs.  I used to work there without realizing that there was such an interesting place next door – A very classic Portuguese white building built in 1569 on the orders of the Bishop of Macao.  It was a medical clinic and several other social welfare structures in early Macau. It later served as an orphanage and refuge for widows of sailors lost at sea.  Entrance fee MOP 5.

Na Tcha Temple and Section of the Old City Walls

Right next to The Ruins of St Paul’s.  Built in 1888, this temple is dedicated to the worship of Na Tcha. This small traditional Chinese temple stands close to the remains of the principal Jesuit enterprise of the region, presenting a dialectic of western and Chinese ideals, as one of the best examples of Macau's multicultural identity and religious freedom.

Macau Museum – in between the Ruins of St. Paul’s and Mount Fortress – must see if you want to know everything about Macau.  Closed on Mondays.