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Here is a reason you must visit Macau Casinos. The biggest gamblers in the world gamble in Macau. Exaggerating? No, it’s true. I once witnessed my annual salary just worth somebody’s one bet. That was an unforgettable experience ever in my Macau casino visiting history. Though this is quite an extreme case, it won't be difficult to spot big gamblers in Macau.

Before I continue, let me emphasis this. I go to Macau and play at casinos only for fun. I never gamble and my website DO NOT ENCOURAGE gambling. As you know, betting can win or loss. Period.

I am highly recommending Macau to be included in your China travel itinerary.

Isn’t it amazing to find a small city in China with such great gambling business turnover? In 2005, Macau generated about US$5.3 billion in gaming winnings. That same year Las Vegas Strip generated US$6 billion. Many believe this tiny territory, less than one-sixth the size of Washington, DC, is to overtake Las Vegas Strip in 2007 as the world’s gaming capital. In fact, it did. But the world changes, Macau casino business has declined sharply in 2015. Even so, Macau casino is still a must when you visit Macau.

Though the world’s biggest gamblers gamble here, Macau gambling business is gradually switching to the leisure side with the introduction of Vegas-style casinos.

Almost all Macau casinos open 24 hours. Minimum bet is HK$100. Slot machines minimum can be as low as 5 cents per line. When you are done, you can get a ticket from the slot machine and collect your money from the cashier machine. And of course if you have a big win, you would still have service counters to help cashing your money.

Use only Hong Kong dollars within Macau casinos. Local Macau people seldom or never go to casinos. Macau government employees are forbidden to go to casinos. Therefore Macau casinos mainly survive on visitors from Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas. That is why only Hong Kong dollar is being used.

Anna loves playing slot machines at Macau casinos

Open in 2004, Sands is the first Vegas-style Macau casino. It is the largest and most luxury before the opening of Wynn Resort in 2006. Free shuttle bus from Macau Ferry. Make sure to collect a complimentary chip on the bus and try a free spin.

Games available at Sands is quite diversified, such as baccarat, fan tan, Caribbean stud poker, three card baccarat, blackjack, big and small, roulette and slot machines.

With 740 gambling tables, Sands has more tables than any other casino in the world, and about as many as the combined number of tables at Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mirage, Mandalay Bay and Luxor.

No forced tipping. Open 24 hours. Free drinks and entertainments.

Wynn Resort
Open in September 2006 and targets the luxury market. Its minimum room rate is around US$230++. It is just as sleek and sophisticated at its Las Vegas counterpart.

The Wynn Casino Macau features typical Las Vegas entertainments and shows for guests. There are hundreds of gambling tables and slot machines. Wynn offers both currency exchange and an ATM onsite. However they won't allow you to go in with a backpack.

Hotel Lisboa
Run by famous Chinese gambling tycoon Stanley Ho, Hotel Lisboa and its casino chain used to monopolize the Macau gaming business. However Macau casino monopoly came to an end in 2002. Thereafter, the first Vegas-managed casino Sands open in 2004.

Just opposite to Wynn Resort, Hotel Lisboa is now receiving fewer and fewer guests. Though it remains a landmark of Macau, they have many drawbacks comparing with the newly built Vegas-style casinos. There are no free drinks, no entertainments and they are not luxury enough.

Even so, the major drawback is its forced tipping policy. I once won HK$12,000 but was only paid HK$10,000. I had no right to argue, they just took it as obvious. Actually all the traditional Chinese own Macau casinos had the same tipping policy.

Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau
Open in August 20, 2007, belongs to the same group as Sands.

Venetian is a huge luxury casino hotel with 3,000 suites (1,500 completed for now). Here is another reason you must visit Macau, as you will not find such a huge casino elsewhere - 100,000 square meters under one roof. People from Las Vegas told me they had never seen such a huge casino before. It was a bit high pressure for my recent visit as I was afraid of losing my way.

Unlike other casinos, Venetian let you in and out freely, without any security check. I really like this practice.

MGM Grand Macau

MGM Grand Macau
Open in December 18, 2007. A completely different style from Venetian. Not as huge as the Venetian, but its really grand.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to find my favourite Mr. Cashman slot machine here.

See the photos that I've taken from MGM Grand Macau

Anna’s Notes
In Macau, you are never far away from any casino. There is fun even if you don’t bet. As I said, I saw the biggest gambler ever in my life. A Chinese man was holding four palm-size chips valued HK$500,000 (US$64,100) each, many of the HK$50,000’s (US$6,410) together with many over-size huge-value chips. He was betting half a million Hong Kong dollars without batting an eye.

Smoking Policy - Many Macau casinos nowadays have dedicated smoking room. Casinos are now having more fresh air.

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