Macau Food and Restaurant

Macau food and Portuguese food are super stars of food in Macau.

Many people visit Macau for one reason: casino. I visit Macau for two reasons: casino and food.

Even I am from the food paradise Hong Kong, I just can’t resist the temptation of Macau food. When you go to a restaurant, there are chef’s recommendations. When you read my website, here are Anna’s recommendations.

Macau restaurants usually charge 10% service fee. Casual restaurants even do not charge any add-ons.

It is a usual practice that Macau restaurants post their menu at the entrance. You can check the food list, price and service fee before getting a seat.

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Anna’s Recommended Menu

The following are my favourite dishes, except one. I’ll tell you why. Now let’s start the Macau food journey. Those marked ** are typical local Macanese style.


Baked Liver Soup

Vegetable Soup
Sliced green vegetable in a thick soup base with smashed potato


Pork Chop Bun**
Very crispy outside, very soft inside
Deep fried or pan fried pork chop in the middle
Available at almost all restaurants

Deep Fried Bacalhau Cakes
Salty bacalhau minced with smashed potatoes

Main Course

Macau food - stir fried curry crab

Stir Fried Curry Crab
This is the most popular Macau food. When I am in any Macau restaurant, it is on every table except mine. I am not skillful in eating crabs. It hurts my mouth every time. I therefore decided to stay away from crabs. However I am still highly recommending this.

Baked Portuguese Duck Rice
Served in a hot clay pot with sliced duck meat in the middle
Oven-baked to make the surface golden brown and slightly crispy

Baked Mussels

Baked Oysters

Grilled Sardines

Grilled Spare Ribs

Chili Prawn

Spicy African Chicken

Paella (seafood rice)

Bacalhau Fried Rice


Ginger Milk**
Milk solidifies when poured into ginger juice. Temperature of the milk is controlled according to a secret recipe. It is very silky soft and fragrant.
Eat with spoon. Do not stir.

Egg Tart Portuguese Style
Portuguese-style egg tart resembles the Hong Kong-style egg tart in appearance. However it has a topping of caramelized sugar.

Soffle - click to see photo

Anna enjoying her pork chop bun

Macau Restaurant List

I have listed below the most famous restaurants for eating Macau food.

Macau City:

Largo do Senado. This is actually the central fountain area, where there are plenty of restaurants. One of the most famous ginger milk shop Yee Shun 義順 is right here.

Rua Felicidade. Local people call this ‘the Food Street’. Along the Main Road, you can walk from the fountain to the Food Street in five minutes.

The most famous restaurant in this area is Fat Siu Lau which is famous for its grilled king prawns and roasted pigeon. Open in 1903, this is certainly one of the most historical Portuguese restaurants in Macau.

Another very famous ginger milk shop Health 保健 is just a couple of blocks away from Fat Siu Lau.

Solmar is another classic Portuguese Restaurant which has over 40 years history. Don’t forget to try its African Chicken.

Taipa Island:
Cozinha Pinocchio – bus number 33 or 28A from Macau

Everybody in Macau knows this restaurant. You must love its spacious, high ceiling classic Portuguese interior. Best to eat stir fried curry crabs and grilled spare ribs here. They are wonderfully done.

There are many other smaller however classic Portuguese restaurants around Cozinha Pinocchio, such as Restaurante Jumbo (Little Elephant), Panda and Cock. Among those, A Petisqueira is really good and I arranged my company offsite lunch there. Everybody were happy with their food, especially the paella (seafood rice).

Macau restaurant - Restaurante Jumbo

Anna’s Notes

Macau food is best eaten in Macau. There are lots of copy cats in Hong Kong selling pork chop buns. But their standard is never close to that of Macau’s. Ginger milk and Portuguese egg tarts are available in Hong Kong. But they just lack an authentic Macanese/Portuguese style.

Though Macau food is yummy, I have difficulty in producing a Macau restaurant list in English. They won’t help anyway as the road signs and names are in Chinese and Portuguese. Best is to print the following restaurant names and show them to taxi drivers.

氹仔 – Taipa Island

木偶 - Cozinha Pinocchio
小飛象 – Restaurante Jumbo (Little Elephant)
熊貓 - Panda
雄雞 - Cock
葡國美食天地 - A Petisqueira

澳門 – Macau

佛笑樓- Fat Siu Lau
沙利文- Solmar

義順牛奶公司 (噴水池附近) - Yee Shun Milk Shop (at the central fountain)

保健牛奶公司 (佛笑樓附近) - Health Milk Shop, nearby Fat Siu Lau

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