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Macau sightseeing - Rose Chursh

Macau sightseeing is best by walking. Nothing is better than walk and see the place at your own pace.

I visit Macau very often and here is my recommended golden route of a Macau Walking Tour.

For museum fans, Macau Museum is the top choice. Actually there are many themed museums in Macau, such as Grand Prix Museum and Wine Museum.

Macau is such a small place that you can simply walk everywhere. However to save time, it is much easier to go by taxi as it won’t be expensive going anywhere.

Bus Tour - There are two hop on / hop off circular routes, one for the city and the other for the Taipa Island. Price MOP100 for adult, MOP50 for senior and junior. You can buy tickets at Gray Line at the Macau Ferry Terminus.

To start Macau sightseeing, here's a photo tour to capture my most favourite spots.

Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre
Admission: MOP135 (paid activities not included)

This is an excellent place to take a panoramic view of Macau. Outdoor observation deck is on Level 61. Here you can step on its glass floor and see through to the ground level.

• Tiger Slots - 200 slot machines with store-value card system.
• Level 61 – Outdoor Observation Deck - SkyJump
• Level 60 - Café 360º, revolving restaurant serves buffet
• Level 59 - Lounge & Grill 180º – fine dining and steaks
• Level 58 – Observation Lounge
• Level 57 – Skywalk
• Ground level - kids’ activities.

Let’s move on to the traditional sites of Macau sightseeing.

Ruins of St. Paul’s
Free admission

Macau sightseeing - Ruin's of St. Paul's

At the heart of Macau city, this magnificent monument was the original main façade of the former St. Paul’s Church. The church was first built in 1580 but had been destroyed by fire three times. After the last fire in 1835, only the present façade was left.

The façade is famous for its grand appearance and delicate carving. For centuries, it has been a hallmark of Macau and is the number one destination of Macau sightseeing.

Atop of a little hill, you need to walk for 68 steps in order to access it. You can skip these steps if you go by taxi.

Macau Museum
Admission: MOP15 (MOP8 for children and senior)

Open 10:00 to 18:00. (last admission 17:30). Closed on Monday.

Its main entrance is just opposite to the St. Paul’s Ruins. If you exit at the top floor, you are at the Monte Fortress.

I highly recommend Macau Museum because it is a perfect showcase for Macau’s interesting history and colorful culture.

You’ll walk through the history of Macau, starting from the arrival of Portuguese traders and Jesuit missionaries in the 16th Century. Get to know the daily life and traditions of Macau. You’ll be amazed by the richness of the displays, interactive technologies and film shows. It is one of the must-go Macau sightseeing destinations.

Monte Fortress
Free admission

Macau sightseeing - Monte Fortress

From the St. Paul’s Ruins, walk further up another little hill is the Monte Fortress. You can skip walking by exiting at the top floor of the Macau Museum. However if you choose not to visit the Museum, then you must walk, up and down.

Built in 1617, there were 34 cannons. The Fortress was a defense system in the 17th Century.

The fortress was a restricted military area until 1965 and then opened as a public park when the meteorology department moved into it in 1966.

In September 1996, Macau government relocated the meteorology department and in 1998 the Macau Museum became its newest tenant.

Macau Sightseeing Around the Fountain Area

A total of 23 blocks of buildings, monuments and structures were included in the Historic Centre of Macao. See if you could recognize them while doing your Macau sightseeing.

While touring around the fountain area, try to spot these historical buildings. They all play an important role in Macau tourism.

Largo do Senado (Senate Square) and the Leal Senado Building

The Leal Senado Building is a classic Portuguese style building along the Main Road and right opposite the central fountain. Originally a Council House where Chinese officers met with the Portuguese.

Today it houses the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau. The ground floor holds cultural exhibitions very often.

Macau sightseeing - Holy House

The Holy House of Mercy (Santa Casa da Misericórdia)

It was established in 1569 the first bishop of Macau. The Holy House is actually a place for charity, giving aids to people in need.

St. Dominic's Church and Square (Church of Our Lady of the Rosary)

Originally constructed by Spanish Dominican in 1587, the church is also known as the "Church of Our Lady of the Rosary" because it was originally dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary.

Some New Spots in Macau

• Giant Panda
• Science Center
• The Mandarin's House

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