Ocean Park, Hong Kong
World’s Seventh Most Popular Amusement Park

Ocean Park has won several awards, including the world's 7th most popular amusement park and 33rd most visited tourist attractions in the world by Forbes.

The Park recorded close to seven millions of visitors in 2011. It is one of the world’s biggest marine and educational themed parks.

It is an ideal place for you take your kids for a day of outing. Children can make fun in Hong Kong while learning at the Park.


Ocean Park Hong Kong - Cable Car

Located at the southern part of Hong Kong Island, visitors usually arrive at its main entrance at Wong Chuk Hang via bus 629 from Admiralty MTR.

After the recent re-construction in 2011, Ocean Park facilities are mainly located at the lowland and highland, connected by cable car and the Ocean Express.

While cable cars offer stunning views over the surrounding city and the South China Sea, it won't work on windy days or if typhoon signal is up. Also the waiting line is usually long, averaging 45 minutes to an hour. Therefore the newly created Ocean Express is a far more efficient option. The ride itself is about 5 minutes and the waiting time is just a few minutes.

The Park has three theatres conducting daily shows. They are namely Ocean Theatre, Whiskers Theatre and the Birds Theatre. Show time has seasonal changes. It is best to pick up a leaflet at the entrance and check the show times. As it is free seating and always crowded, please go early to look for a favourite seat.

Major Attractions
Lowland Gardens - Must Sees

The Grand Aquarium – touch the star fishes and see a wide range of marine lives and beautiful fishes you had never seen. There are more than 4,000 fishes of 400 species.

Goldfish Treasures - has over 100 varieties of Chinese and Japanese goldfish, including rare breeds such as White Bubble Eye could be found.

Red Pandas - Giant pandas are always sleeping or you may even simply see an empty cage. Red pandas are active lovely animals. I’m sure you’ll love them.

Old Hong Kong Streets – experience Hong Kong in the 50’s and 60’s.

Cable Car experience (long queue) and Ocean Express (short queue) – connecting you to the highland.

Whiskers Theatres tells you how sea lions prepare for their shows. It is a wonderful show to all children. Play games with whiskers and their friends.

Highland - Must Sees

Sea Jelly Spectacular – an amazing experience to view over 1,000 sea jellies of all sizes, shapes and colours from all over the world.

Designed with the latest technology in lighting, music and multimedia special effects to enhance your experience, Sea Jelly Spectacular offers a sensational ‘undersea’ voyage for you to discover this most amazing and beautiful undersea creature.

As sea jellies keep moving, you will have more fun taking videos rather than photos.

Ocean Park Hong Kong - Jelly Fish

View more Ocean Park and sea jelly photos

Ocean Theatre offers daily shows by dolphins and sea lions teaming up with their trainers. You’ll find this show extremely amazing and totally impressed by the talent of these marine animals. It is one of the most popular activities in the Ocean Park of Hong Kong.

Amazon Rainforest experience – be prepared to get wet.

Adventure Land at the Highland
There are thrills galore here at the Adventure Land. You’ll hear Ocean Park’s biggest scream here. Actually you are licensed to yell and scream here without receiving any complaints.

All the games here are extremely exciting. Don’t go on to any of them if you have heart attack. Even if you are fit enough, I would suggest limiting your rides to two, and no more than three. Otherwise you might have to go home with a dizzy spinning head.

I remember I kept crying for help when I saw clouds underneath my feet on the Mine Train. I wanted to get off the boat once The Flying Swing started. Of course, I was not able to and ended up in desperate screaming.

Ferris Wheel however is more relaxing and with stunning views of the South China Sea. Great Fun!

Best-of-the-Best of the Ocean Park, Hong Kong
Please make sure you don’t miss any of the following:

  • The Grand Aquarium – highlight of the Park, must see
  • Sea Jelly Spectacular – latest state-of-the-art attraction of the Park
  • Red Panda – far more lovely and active than the giant pands
  • Cable Car – be patient, long waiting line on busy hours

Getting There
From Admiralty MTR Exit B2, take special Citybus 629.
Adult: HK$10.6
Children: HK$5.3

Adult: HK$280
Children (3-11): HK$140
Under 3: Free
Some resellers might be able to get you better rates.

Open daily 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday & public holiday 9:30 - 19:00

Tickets are available at:
• Ocean Park main entrance and Tai Shui Wan entrance
• MTR Admiralty Exit B nearby Citybus route 629 terminal
• MTR Customer Services Centre at Admiralty station

The 629 double-decker bus ride is a fun experience. Take your children to the front of the upper deck to catch all the excitement and feel the pulse of the city of Hong Kong.

China travel tip: Ocean Park, Hong Kong
Bring lots of water. There are lots of food stalls and restaurants inside the Park, however very expensive. Please expect to sweat a lot in the summer heat. Hong Kong can go up to 33 degrees Celsius in June, July and August. Bring a small towel, it would work better than a handkerchief. Of course don’t forget your hat, sun glasses and comfortable walking shoes. An umbrella can protect you from unexpected showers.

Please spend at least one whole day at the Ocean Park. Otherwise you won’t have enough time to visit all the interesting spots.

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