Bruce Lee: Pride of Hong Kong

The home of Bruce Lee - The stunning city of Hong Kong - is located on the south coast of China and boasts a beautiful skyline and one of most naturally deep marinas in the world.

However, its popularity has become from an unusual source and it is Hong Kong’s famous and iconic native Bruce Lee who has become synonymous with this great city. Whilst he was actually born in San Francisco, Lee was brought up in Hong Kong after his family returned to their home city and whilst he returned to America aged 18 for education and to forge a career in the arts, his origins have never been forgotten.

Originally named Lee Jun-fan the actor who became an iconic martial arts and action movie hero tragically dying on July 20th 1973 aged only 32. It was found that he was sensitive to medications found in painkillers, a sensitivity which resulted in his brain swelling. However, with 2010 being the actor’s 70th birthday Lee made an iconic mark on the world and remains as popular today as he was in his heyday.

One area that Lee was particularly known for was his incredible athleticism and training routine. Whilst many others continued on weight gain programmes Lee was adamant that body condition was a symbiotic process of both body and mind. He took great focus in building his muscle mass, especially his abdominal muscle which he said were a vital requirement for any martial artist, and constantly found ways to exercise whether in a gym or simply watching television.

Having grown up in Hong Kong and returned there later in life the city remains dedicated to his memory. It is said that an early 70’s interview with the star practically cleared Hong Kong’s bustling and normally crammed streets as residents flocked home to watch their hero talk on the nation’s popular evening show Enjoy Yourself Tonight.

Bruce Lee's first TV show in Hong Kong - 1969

Hong Kong is a fantastic place for fans of his work to explore and even for tourists visiting the city it is also a great opportunity to catch a few Bruce Lee sights including a beautiful sculpture of the actor which can be found on Hong Kong’s Avenue of the Stars.

Bruce’s home at 41 Cumberland Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong has also become famed, with philanthropist Yu Pang-lin deciding to preserve the site and turn it into a tourist spot in 2009.

Hong Kong itself is a glorious city that can often overwhelm you when you first arrive. A great range of cheap hotels exists allowing you to enjoy this popular city and explore the sights.

Brilliantly organised and very safe, Hong Kong is a place to explore and whether you simply stare in amazement at the beautiful marina vistas or take afternoon teas at hotel lobby’s across the city, it is worth indulging in the region’s culture.

For Hong Kong, Bruce Lee will never be forgotten and has become an iconic piece of history for this gleaming city. And even if you’re not a huge fan, taking the time to follow in some of Bruce’s footsteps and discover his home city will reward in a holiday like no other.

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