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As I am in the employment business, many people approach me for career advices. In many cases, I am not able to help much, as I recruit investment bankers only – a very small niche market in the employment business. However with my recruitment experience, I am able to contribute some ideas to job seekers.

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When we place very senior positions like CEO, for example, some customers would like to invite the finalist to do an assessment. You might not aware that these assessments are quite unreasonably expensive and will require at least a four-hour meeting between the assessor and the candidate. But clients are still willing to pay, because they want to make sure to hire the right person to the right position and the need to place and develop individuals to perform at their best is the life-blood of a business.

On the same token, it is important that you understand your own interest and potential and develop your career toward that direction. Tell your prospective employer that you’ve assessed yourself will distinguish yourself from other candidates. But are we going to go through an expensive and lengthy assessment? No, there is no need for mid to entry level employees to do so. But doing some aptitute or personality tests will be helpful.

Career sites of many famous MNCs have pages to help you understand yourself.

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