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China Foods Photo Tour

I love China foods. I am extremely happy to write this chapter and introduce the yummiest foods along the golden route of China.

During your China travel, please make sure to enjoy Chinese food for every meal.

Please also make an effort to taste all the China foods that I recommend in this chapter. Otherwise you are going to miss the best of the best.

China foods - Beijing duck

Chinese are dedicated to great food. We have long and rich history in the art of food. Food in China has to satisfy both chefs and diners in terms of colour, aroma and taste in order to be graded as good food. Therefore one of your China travel objectives should be enjoying delicious China foods.

Chinese food in Beijing is relatively rich in seasoning and sophisticated in cooking methods. Further towards south where Hong Kong is, you’ll enjoy Cantonese cuisine which implies simple cooking methods and freshest ingredients.

Xian and Guilin both have their distinct cuisines to make you happy.

Before we dive into each of these cities to look for great food to eat, I would like to first of all introduce some Chinese food culture. You would need to know these in order to fully enjoy Chinese food.

China foods - Anna at hot pot

China Foods Culture

Learn to use chopsticks. Get to know what kind of tea to order and so on.

Top Beijing Duck Houses

Learn the secrets of Beijing duck. Get to know the top five Beijing duck houses in Beijing.

Best Chinese Food in Beijing

Visit the most authentic Mongolian hot pot restaurant in Beijing. Enjoy smoked Sichuan duck, BBQ mutton and many others.

Beijing Food Tour

See how I enjoy my most favourite China foods in Beijing with many food photos.

Best Chinese Food in Xian

Enjoy a contrast of best street food and sophisticated dumpling feast accompanied by first class show.

Best Chinese Food in Guilin

Enjoy rice noodle – best street food in Guilin.

Best Chinese Food in Hong Kong

Enjoy of the beauty of Cantonese cuisine – simplest and freshest among all Chinese food.

Easy Chinese Food Recipe

In memory of your China travel, let’s learn to make some quick and easy Chinese food.

From the kitchen of Beijing – copy crab, mapo tofu

From the kitchen of Hong Kong – fried rice and stir fried eggs with prawns

China travel tip: Eating in China

Do not drink tap water. Avoid eating cold and raw. If you want some fresh fruits, grab a whole banana or a whole orange from a buffet table. Don’t take those already cut. You might also find some street foods very tempting. Again, make sure they are well cooked. Remember, if you eat something wrong, it’s going to spoil your whole journey.

Please make sure to eat safe and healthy.

Best of the Best China Foods Photo Album

Dear Readers

I have a habit of taking food photos while eating. This post from my Food Blog explains why I’ve developed such habit.

In my computer, I have a folder holding all the best food photos I have taken. Photos that qualify to go into this folder must fulfill two requirements - The food itself must be very delicious; the photo itself must be well taken, with beautiful colour and layout.

I have recently selected 52 best of the best Chinese food photos from this folder and published an ebook in the format of a Powerpoint presentation. These digital images are between 3 and 10 mega pixels, allowing HD full screen viewing. So you will see close-to-real size dishes of yummy China foods in front of you, depending on the size of your computer screen – the most classic series of Cantonese dim sum and seafood and home-kitchen restaurant dishes from Hong Kong, unique dishes from Beijing, delicious fried rice, noodle, desserts and so on – guaranteed to make you feel hungry.

For signature dishes, I have even included restaurant details where I took the photos, just in case you are visiting Hong Kong or Beijing and would like to taste the same dish.

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