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Hot Pot & Dumpling Feast

If you are a food lover and if you love Chinese food, you are going to love my Chinese food picture gallery here. I have put up this page to focus on Xian dumpling feast and hot pot. You must have to taste these two items when you visit Beijing and Xian.

Sichuan spicy hot pot is part of the important hot pot food culture of Chinese cuisine. You don't have to go to Sichuan for an authentic spicy hot pot and can taste it in Hong Kong.

Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot - Hong Kong

Click photo to see my full spicy hot pot dinner in Hong Kong with photo and video, at Tanyoto Hong Kong branch. Tanyoto is one of the most famous hot pot restaurants headquartered in Sichuan.

Chinese food picture and video - Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot

Lamb Hot Pot - Beijing

The most famous lamb hot pot shop is Donglaisung, situated at Dong'an Arcade on Wangfujing Main Street in Beijing. Donglaishun serves big hot pots and it has several branches within Beijing city.

Lamb Hot Pot - Xian

Donglaishun has a branch in Xian. As for Chinese, we usually use a big hot pot for the whole table. As a tourist, if you feel comfortable for a mini personal hot pot, ask for it.

Hot pot table settingWaiting for water to boil

Vegetables & associated foodMutton sheets - main course

I am enjoying my lamb hot pot

Chinese food picture

Xian Dumpling Feast

Make sure to do a dumpling feast when you are in Xian. Or you are going to miss the essence of Xian food. The feast I had consisted of 16 courses of dumplings together with some other side dishes and noodles.

Dumplings are made to the number of people, one for each. Unfortunately some of my eating partners didn't wait, so the number of dumplings on each photo varies.

Dumplings are usually served with Chinese vinegar. You might also add some chill sauce as you wish.

There is a ceremony to serve the Pearl Dumplings. Waiters turn lights off. In complete darkness, they light the hot pot and tell the story and history of Pearl Dumplings, which is also called the Empress Dowager's hot pot. It depends on your luck of how many pearl-size dumplings you can pick up from the hot pot.

Read more about pearl hot pot and dumpling feast.

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