Chinese Olympic Champions 2008

China Won Her Historical First Olympic Boxing Gold, which was also the 51st Olympic Gold on the last day of the 29th Olympics in Beijing

This is a dedicated page to record Chinese Olympic champions 2008 in Beijing. If you are keen to have an express overview of how China the host country is doing on its own land, you must enjoy reading this page.

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Last updated 6.30pm August 24, 2008 - Beijing


Chinese Olympic Champions 2008 - medal count in details

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August 24, 2008

ZOU ShimingGold48KG Boxing - Men
ZHANG XiaopingGold81KG Boxing - Men

On the last day of Beijing Olympics, Boxer Zou Shiming won the first Olympic boxing gold for China.

Chinese Olympic Champions 2008 - won a total of 100 medals for China.

August 23, 2008

MA LinGoldTable Tennis - Men's Single
WANG HaoSilverTable Tennis - Men's Single
WANG LiqinBronzeTable Tennis - Men's Single
MENG Guanliang
YANG Wenjun
GoldCanoe/Kayak Flatwater - Men's C-2 500M

Today's Highlight:Chinese Olympic Champions 2008 - Table Tennis Men's trio capture all gold, silver and bronze medal in Beijing today.

On the other hand, China's Diving Dream Team didn't had their dream come true. Australian diver Matthew Mitcham captured the gold medal from 10M Platform and Chinese diver Zhou Luxin only acquired a silver medal.

August 22, 2008

ZHANG YiningGoldTable Tennis - Women's Single
WANG NanSilverTable Tennis - Women's Single
GUO YueBronzeTable Tennis - Women's Single

Today's Highlight:Chinese Olympic Champions 2008 - Table Tennis Women's trio capture all gold, silver and bronze medal in Beijing today. ZHANG Yining also won her 4th Olympic gold.

August 21, 2008

CHEN RuolinGold10M Platform - Women

Today's Highlight:CHEN Ruolin won her 2nd diving gold in Beijing Olympics today. China team is working towards fetching all the eight diving golds.

August 20, 2008

YIN JianGoldWindsurfer - Women
WU JingyuGoldTaekwondo - Women

Today's Highlight:China harvested her historical first sailing gold in today's Olympics.

August 19, 2008

LI XiaopengGoldGym - Parallel Bars - Men
HE ChongGold3M Springboard - Men
LU ChunlongGoldTrampoline - Men
ZOU KaiGoldGym - Horizontal Bar - Men

Today's Highlight:China harvested her 6th diving gold in today's Beijing Olympics.

August 18, 2008

CHEN YibingGoldGym - Men's Ring
HE KexinGoldGym - Asymmetric Bars - Women
HE WennaGoldTrampoline - Women
Men's TeamGoldTable Tennis

Today's Highlight:China harvested 3 golds in Beijing Olympic Gymnastics.

August 17, 2008

LIN DanGoldBadminton - Men's Single
GUO JingjingGold3M Springboard - Women
ZOU KaiGoldGym - Floor Exercise - Men
XIAO QinGoldGym - Pommel Horse - Men
Women's QuadrupleGoldRowing - Sculls without Coxswain
QIU JianGold50M Free Rifle - Men
Women's TeamGoldTable Tennis
WANG JiaoGoldWrestling Freestyle - Women

Today's Highlight:Today is a great day for Chinese Olympic champions 2008 - players harvested 8 golds in Beijing all in one day.

With 33 golds in the pocket, China also breaks her own record of 32 in Athens.

August 16, 2008

ZHANG NingGoldBadminton - Women's Single
Xie XingfangSilverBadminton - Women's Single

Today's Highlight: Zhang Ning defeated teammate Xie Xingfang at the women's singles gold medal match during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games badminton event, in Beijing, China, Aug. 16, 2008. Both Chinese ladies grabbed the gold and silver medal of the same event.

August 15, 2008

CAO LeiGold75KG Weightlifting - Women
LU YongGold85KG Weightlifting - Men
TONG WenGold78KG Heavyweight - Women's Judo
DU Jing, YU YangGoldBadminton - Women's Double

Today's Highlight:China captures all the weightlifting Olympics gold medals from the eight categories participated. Today in Beijing, Cao Lei is even the first time Chinese lifter who won gold in the 75KG category at the Olympics.

The Badminton couple won China's fourth Olympic gold in the same category.

August 14, 2008

LIU ZigeGold200M Butterfly - Women
DU LiGold50M Standard Rifle - Women
YANG XiuliGold78KG Half-Heavyweight - Women's Judo
YANG WeiGoldInd. All Round Artistic Gymnastics - Men
ZHANG Juan JuanGoldInd. 70M Archery - Women

Today's Highlight:China is marching towards capturing all the Olympic weightlifting gold.

LIU Zige smashed world record in the women's 200m butterfly and won China's first swimming gold in today's Beijing Olympic Games.

August 13, 2008

Gold3M Springboard- Men
Women's TeamGoldArtistic Gymnastics
LIU ChunhongGold69KG Weightlifting - Women
CHEN YingGold25M Sport Pistol - Women

Today's Highlight:China earned her sixth weightlifting gold and the fourth diving gold.

China captures her historical women's artistic gymnastics Olympic team gold.

Strongwoman LIU Chunhong broke three world records to retain her Olympic title in the women's 69kg category today at the Beijing Olympics.

Chinese Olympic Champions 2008 - medal count in details

August 12, 2008

ZHONG ManGoldIndividual Sabre Fencing - Men
CHEN Ruolin
Gold10M Platform - Women
Men's TeamGoldArtistic Gymnastics
LIAO HuiGold69KG Weightlifting - Men

Today's Highlight:China earned her fifth weightlifting gold and first Olympic fencing gold in 24 years.

August 11, 2008

CHEN YanqingGold58KG Weightlifting - Women
HUO Liang
Gold10M Platform - Men
ZHANG XiangxiangGold62KG Weightlifting - Men

Today's Highlight:China wins her fourth weightlifting gold and second diving gold.

CHEN Yanqing lifts 138 kilograms in the clean and jerk to win the gold medal and set a new Olympic record in Beijing today.

August 10, 2008

GUO WenjunGold10M Air Pistol - Women
GUO Jingjing
WU Minxia *
Gold3M Springboard - Women
XI'AN Dongmei *Gold52KG Judo - Women
ZHANG LinSilver400M Freestyle - Men
LONG QingquanGold56KG Weightlifting - Men

* The Diving Queens GUO Jingjing/WU Minxia and the Judo Queen XI'AN Dongmei both retained their titles earned from 2004 Athens.

ZHANG Lin Won China’s Historic Men’s Swimming Olympic Silver.

CHEN Xiexia - Gold Medal - The First among all Chinese Olympic Champions 2008
48KG Weightlifting

I am a weightlifting fan and am unable to describe how excited I was when I witnessed CHEN Xiexia won China's first gold medal on the first day of Olympic games in Beijing.

CHEN Weiling, another Chinese lady from Taiwan fetched the bronze medal in the same event.

Chen xiexia - weightlifting gold medal

PANG Wei - Gold Medal
10M Air Pistol

August 9, 2008 - Beijing

China's first Olympic gold medal was from shooting. PANG Wei participated Olympics for the first time and won the second gold medal for China, on the first day of the Olympic games in Beijing.

Pang Wei - gold medal

Chinese Olympic Champions 2008
Result Highlights in Beijing

Chinese Olympic champions 2008 collected altogether 100 medals in Beijing – inclusive of 51 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze – the best result ever since 1984. Our strength is obvious in certain games, such as:

Table Tennis
Chinese athletes captured ALL gold medals in ALL categories, including ALL medals of gold, silver and bronze from both Men’s and Women’s Single.

Chinese Dream Team of Diving captured SEVEN gold medals out of the eight categories.

Artistic Gymnastics
Chinese athletes captured NINE gold medals including the historical first gold for Women’s Team Competition.

China probably produces the most weightlifters in the world. We captured EIGHT gold medals including four from men and four from women.

Zero Breakthroughs
Apart from China’s traditional outstanding achievements, Chinese athletes managed a number of breakthroughs in Beijing and gained several Olympic gold medals from rare areas such as Archery, Boxing, Canoe/Kayak, Rowing and Sailing.

Weak Areas
Swimming is relatively a weak area for Chinese. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China won only one gold medal from Women’s 200M Butterfly. However ZHANG Lin managed to obtain one bronze medal in 400M Freestyle – the first ever medal in Men’s Swimming.

Track & Field is another area which is traditionally dominated by the western world. In 2008 Beijing, China only acquired two bronze medals from Women’s Hammer Throw and Women’s Marathon.

As China is generally weak in Track & Field games, star runner Liu Xiang was our only gold medal hope in 110M Hurdle. Sadly he gave up in the last minute due to foot injury and the expectations from his 13 billion compatriots became bubble.

China’s Diving Dream Team of achieving a grand champion of eight gold medals in all categories also became bubble. Leading diver Zhou Luxin led until the final round was defeated by Australian diver Matthew Mitcham. Matthew in his last dive achieved a whopping 112.10, won the gold medal by only a difference of 4.8 points. China only managed to win seven out of eight categories.

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