Courtyard Hotel Beijing

Spring Autumn Garden Courtyard Hotel 春秋園南園
Address: 23 San Jing Lane, Xuanwu District, Beijing
Phone: 86-10-63034232
Price range: US$77-142
Total rooms: 8
Rating: Four Star

This boutique courtyard hotel is opened in 2007 and has a total of 8 rooms surrounding the courtyard which is now turned into a traditional Chinese style garden. We found it extremely relaxing sitting there just to admire the environment.

The decorations in the rooms featured traditional Chinese interior design where we could find paper-cut, the spun silk, the dough figures, the facial makeup of Beijing opera as well as the commodities used by the old Beijing citizens.

The hotel is small, but we received very intensive personal services. We thought the staff members were friends. We could choose to do breakfast either in the restaurant or in the garden. We even help do our own breakfast with a sense like home.

Hotel provided free pick up service which was good. As not many drivers know the way to their place which is inside a tiny hutong. One of the front desk staff even walked us to subway station and helped us acquainted to the adjacent areas.

On-Loan Mobile Phone
Out of our expectations, they even lend us a mobile phone with a local phone number and the hotel number in speed dial. Hence our local friends can contact us and also we can contact the hotel in case of emergency.

There was actually another important usage of the mobile phone. In case of difficulties in finding our way, we could call the hotel and the staff there could speak with the taxi driver directly of how to take us back to the hotel. Beijing is a very large city and taxi drivers do not necessarily know everywhere. Nothing is better than a local speaking to a local to provide driving instruction. A very creative and sensitive service.

Courtyard Hotel – Small vs Large
Spring Autumn Garden is actually a boutique courtyard hotel. While a friend of mine asked me to research for one with more facilities, I found a newer and larger one which has 156 rooms and with restaurants and additional facilities.

Soluxe Sunshine Courtyard Hotel 北京阳光老宅院酒店
Address: No. 2 Xitao Hutong, Old Gulou Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Phone: 86-10-84021188
Price range: US$63-189
Total rooms: 156
Rating: Four Star

Opened in June 2008. It is also situated at a hutong in the west part of Beiijing. Located in the Old Gulou Street of Xicheng District and 2-minute walking distance to Guluo Street station of Line 2. Its neighborhood tourist spots include the Ditan Garden, Yonghe Lama Temple, the Prince of Gong Palace (and my favourite Sichuan Restaurant), 9-Gate Snack Street and Shichahai.

Its location is also convenient to visit the Summer Palace, the Peking University (also a very hot tourist spot), the Old Summer Palace as well as the Xiangshan Park which is a must-see if you come in autumn time.

I haven’t stayed at this hotel myself, so I am unable to comment on its services.

Tips in Searching for a Courtyard Hotel in Beijing

Pick Up Service
Most of the courtyard hotels are situated within hutongs which might be difficult for taxi driver to take you there. Best is to order a pick up service from the hotel.

Exact Location
The descriptions in websites could not be as accurate as they should be. Our hotel claimed to be 5-minute walk to Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. However it is located deep inside hutongs, so it took us 10 minutes walk from hotel to the main street, and another 5 minutes walk to Qianmen Subway station. Though we are not far away from the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, it took us 30 minutes altogether to go there by subway. Again, Beijing is a very big city, a 5-minute walk to somewhere is sometimes not quite realistic. Best is to do your preparation work and research thoroughly on the hotel’s exact location.

Search for Online Reviews
Other travellers’ experience is your best and quickest way to get to know a strange place. I found this review from Trip Advisor on my Autumn Garden Courtyard Hotel and couldn’t agree more after my stay.