Hong Kong Dim Sum Photo Gallery

My dim sum photo collection truly reflects how much I like dim sum. Local Hong Kong people also call it 'yum cha'. I do dim sum lunch or breakfast at least once a week. One thing interesting about dim sum or yum cha is - the more people, the more fun. You can enjoy a great variety of dishes when you have a big group. Whenever I have overseas friends in town, I must take them to yum cha.

You must have at least one dim sum lunch when you visit Hong Kong. Let us preview some of the most popular dishes.

Hong Kong Dim Sum - Photo Tour

Classic Dishes

Dim sum lunch celebrating my colleague's birthdayMore people, more dishes, more fun

Roast Pork Bun, Shrimp Dumpling
义燒包, 蝦餃
Pork Dumpling 燒賣

Shrimp Dumpling 蝦餃Glutinous Pork Dumpling 咸水角

Steamed Chicken Bun 鷄包仔Spring Roll 春卷

Pan Fried Smooth Flour Roll 煎腸粉Seafood Salad Roll 沙律海鮮卷

Steamed Smooth Flour Roll (any style) 蒸腸粉Pan Fried White Radish Pudding

Steamed Minced Beef Ball 牛肉球Steamed Pork Rib

Pan Fried Green Pepper
Filled with Minced Fish 煎釀青椒
Steamed Mini Glutinous Dumpling

Steamed Chicken Roll 鷄札Prawn and Vegetable Dumplings

Stewed Cow's Tummy 牛肚Pan Fried Chinese Pancake 煎薄撑

Deep Fried Taro Fritter
with Thin Crispy Coating 芋角
Steamed Meat Roll

Black Pepper Pig's Tummy 黑椒爽肚Steamed Dace Fish Ball

Pan Fried Vegetarian Roll 煎付皮卷Pan Fried Rice Roll with Shrimps

Baked Turnip Puff with Ham
Inside a Turnip Puff

Chicken with Fish Maw 鷄札Deep Fried Dace Fish Ball
served with clams sauce 蜆蚧鯪魚球

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Hong Kong Desserts Photo Tour

Cantonese Doughnut 脆麻花Almond Tea with Egg White

Sweet Glutinous Dumpling
with Granular Coating 擂沙湯丸
Deep Fried Crispy Ball
with Sesame Coating 煎堆仔

Green Bean Syrup 綠豆沙Egg Yolk Layers Cake 千層糕

Steamed Sesame Paste Bun 麻容包Inside a Sesame Paste Bun 麻容包

Steamed Pudding 馬拉糕Mato Pudding 馬豆糕

Steamed Crystal Dumpling 鴛鴦水晶包Mango Pudding 芒果布甸

More Dim Sum Photo

Note: Many of the Hong Kong dim sum dishes do not have a standardized English translation. The same dish might have a slightly different name according to different sources.

If you want to make use of this page to help placing orders, please print this page and show their Chinese names to waiters.

I live in Hong Kong. The dim sum dishes on this page are all my favourites. I do want you to share my pleasure in enjoying dim sum. Please come back regularly and view more dim sum photos.

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