A Day Trip to Disneyland Hong Kong
April 2007

Disneyland Hong Kong - Visit Tips on Hot Summer Days
I've re-visited the Park just before it's price increase on August 1, 2011. Here are some Disneyland visiting tips which I've put up in my Hong Kong blog. If you tend to visit the Park on hot summer days in Hong Kong in May, June, July and August, make sure to read this post.

Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong was opened in 2005, the newest among all Disney theme parks in the world. An adult ticket costs HK$295 on regular days and HK$350 on special days. It is quite expensive. Therefore I didn't had a visit until my sister won a Disneyland vacation package which included two entrance tickets and one hotel room night including buffet dinner and breakfast.

My Disney Journey Started with MTR
It took us around 45 minutes from Central to the Disneyland Hong Kong by MTR. There are two resort hotels and we have a harbour view room at the Disney's Hollywood Hotel. Shuttle buses run on a circular route connecting the two hotels with the Park and the MTR station.

Mickey Everything

The Disneyland Hong Kong opens daily 10am to 8pm. We started at around 2pm and managed to play only a few games. Though we picked up maps and guides at the entrance, we decided to walk freely and played whatever we came across. Here’s what we did.

- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
- Mickey’s PhilharMagic
- Jungle River Cruise
- Tarzan’s Treehouse (rafts)
- Festival of the Lion King
- Autopia

Cinderella Carousel

Winnie the Pooh Gift Shop

Winnie the Pooh’s Adventure Tour
One of the cultures of Disneyland is queuing. Disneyland Hong Kong can’t be an exception. Fortunately the lines were not terribly long on the day we went. Just about 10 minutes of waiting, we went on to meet all the fans of Winnie the Pooh and the whole journey lasted around three minutes.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Mickey’s Philharmonic 3-D Show was terrific. We saw the superior 3-D effects with a pair of special glasses. Donald Duck, Mickey… all seemed to be flying from the screen towards us. We smelt the food when Mickey ate. We sensed a light shower when it rained. All these effects made us part of the show.

Jungle River Cruise
There were four lines depending on the guide’s language. On board the boat, we were scared by animals like crocodiles, elephants, hipos etc. The animals are tremendously ‘real’. Kids all screamed and I only yelled when they splashed water trying to make us wet.

Visit Tarzan’s Treehouse
After the cruise, we went on a raft to the opposite bank and visited Tarzan’s Treehouse. There were several houses build on a tree (a man-made one of course). Down the Treehouse, we had fun doing rope climbing.

Do What Tarzan Does

Festival of the Lion King
A 30-minute musical on the story of Simba, attracted a great number of audiences. A very colourful and amusing show.

At the Tomorrowland, everything was so exciting that we hesitated to try. Autopia seemed to be quite safe so we decided to go for it though there was quite a long line. Everyone even kids could be a driver. However, we could only control stop and run, as well as a little on the speed. Not a good deal, as we waited for 20 minutes and played for two minutes only!

Disney figures at the restaurant

We stamped our hands and wanted to return to the Park watching the daily firework at 8pm. So we went back to the hotel and enjoy our superior dinner buffet at round 6.30pm. Excellent food and cartoon figures added extra fun to guests especially kids. After all, we missed the firework as when we returned to the Park, the show was about to finish.

Hollywood Hotel

Resort hotels are rare in Hong Kong. The Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel are 5-star resorts, with excellent facilities. If you want to stay here, be prepared to put up with the noise as there are many kids running around you. And I noticed most of the guests are from mainland China.

Anna’s Notes:
Disneyland Hong Kong features many other famous Disney games such as Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and a daily parade. There are plenty of gift shops and restaurants. Unfortunately our hand stamps only allow us to return to the Park on the same day. My recommendation is go early in the morning. Unless you really want to try out the resort hotels here, you don’t really need to stay overnight at the Park.

Disneyland Hong Kong official website

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