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Here are some free stuff finely selected by China Travel Golden Route. Watch a free Bruce Lee movie, free download of professional images and videos and many others. Whether you want to keep the sweet memories of your travel experience in China or share them with your friends, we have something here for you.

Learn Chinese Free Lessons

Grasp Chinese is a modern multimedia site. There's a lot of free content, with no sign up required. They also have a subscription model for access to further content.

Free Chinese Name Translation

Need a Chinese name? Here is a free translation service. You may select different backgrounds and effects.

More Than Just a Free Chinese Name

If you would provide your birthday, this website will let you know which Chinese zodiac sign you belong to. Also you can choose the way you want to translate your name such as ‘strength and power’ or ‘wealth and fortune’ or ‘mind and intelligence’ etc. The website will also provide you with detailed explanations of your Chinese name.

Watch A Free Bruce Lee Movie

Chinese Connection (1973) - Color - 105 min

Starring Bruce Lee as Chen Zhen, a martial arts student who seeks revenge on those responsible for his master's death. The Chinese martial arts school is at war with the Japanese school - lots of incredible action from the master himself.

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LikeTelevision Watch Movies and TV Shows | Click here for more Bruce Lee Movies

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