Guilin Photo Gallery

My Guilin photo gallery brings you the most spectacular sights from Guilin and Yangshuo. If you haven't been there, take a preview now. I am sure you must want to visit these beautiful places after this online tour.

A Cave in Guilin

Guilin photo - cave

Fubo Hill - at the Li River Bank

Guilin Photo - fubo hill

Duxiu Peak

Guilin photo - duxiu peak

Elephant Hill

Along the Yulong River, Yangshuo

Guilin photo - along the Yulong River

Another View from Yulong River, Yangshuo

Rafting on the Yulong River

Rafts Available for Rental

Guilin photo - rafts

Fishing Show at Yangshuo

Guilin photo - fishing show

Anna and the Cormorant

Guilin photo - fishing show

West Street, Yangshuo - A Day View (should be more busy at night)

Guilin photo - West Street at Yangshuo

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