To visit China, start by looking for
Hong Kong flights or Beijing flights

Hong Kong Flights

Daily Non-stop
Cathay Pacific – from London, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Tokyo, Sydney and Johannesburg
British Airways and Virgin – from London
Lufthansa – from Frankfurt
S. African Airline – from Johannesburg
Qantas – from Sydney and Melbourne

Beijing Flights

Daily Non-stop
United Airline – from New York and San Francisco
Air Canada – from Vancouver
British Airways – from London
Lufthansa – from Frankfurt
North West and Japan Airline – from Tokyo

Other Hong Kong Flights

Cathay Pacific – from Frankfurt to Hong Kong every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Other Beijing Flights

Qantas starts its Beijing flights on January 9, 2006 - from Sydney to Beijing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Flight Duration (Non-stop)

From / To Hong Kong Beijing
New York 16.20 16.20
San Francisco 14 14
Vancouver 13.25 11.25
Johannesburg 13.10 n/a
London 11.45 11.45
Frankfurt 11 9.10
Sydney 9.20 11.20
Tokyo 4.45 4.15

How should I plan my flight?
It all depends on how you want to explore the golden route. When you travel booking ahead of time should be priorty. If you want to visit each of the cities on your own, you could begin with Beijing, followed by Xian, Guilin and Hong Kong.

If you are travelling on a budget, there are plenty of cheap flights to Hong Kong available.

You can also compare prices among international flights to Beijing or Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, Dragon Air offers an English-speaking escorted tour that walks you through the golden route. The tour departs daily from Hong Kong. It is an 8-day-7-night package inclusive of airfare, private transfer, hotel, tour and meal.

I strongly recommend that you pick Hong Kong as your last stop. Why? Well, you are likely to do a lot of shopping here. This will save you effort in carrying your shopped items on the road.

China travel tip: Getting There
Hong Kong flights to mainland China are treated as international flights. Even if you fly from Hong Kong to Beijing, you would still need to go through customs and immigration checks. This is due to the status of Hong Kong being a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China.

Hong Kong Airport Information | Beijing Airport Information
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