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Finally, your ultimate Chinese food guide is up !

Have you been searching the internet for the best Hong Kong Chinese food to eat? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Stop searching and download my e-book, as it is going to be your ultimate Chinese food guide in Hong Kong.

Food Guide: Anna Yuen
Author of Hong Kong Food Blog, China Travel Golden Route

Dear Readers,

I have recently written a eBook Hong Kong Chinese Food Close Up. I can’t wait to introduce this to you.

I'm Anna Yuen. I love Chinese food since I was born.

Ha Gau (Shrimp Dumpling) Siu Mai (Pork Dumpling) – Hong Kong dim sum has been part of my life, as I’m born and raised here. However apart from dim sum, you can taste almost any kind of Chinese foods in Hong Kong. Actually Hong Kong is one of the most ideal cities for you to exploring Chinese food.

Since my Hong Kong Food Blog was up in December 2007, I received encouraging comments from my readers. Many commented that they searched thoroughly in the internet to prepare for their food hunting in Hong Kong, but unfortunately there were few websites on Hong Kong Chinese food written in English. Hong Kong Food Blog is a rare breed. Some of my readers emailed me and we became friends and even met up in Hong Kong when they actually start their food tours here.

Being a host in Hong Kong, I was thinking of presenting Hong Kong Chinese Food in a more organized way and make it a easy guide for visitors – hence the idea of a foodbook.

We have been fortunate to discover Hong Kong and its food with Anna. Reading this e-book brings us back beautiful memories from around Hong Kong, but most of all it reminds us of all the great stuff we ate there. Pictures are beautiful and self-explanatory and we were lucky to have tasted some of these delightful dishes. We definitely recommend this e-book as a must-have guide when one travels to Hong Kong.

Blaga & Ciocu

One Foodbook with
8 Major Hong Kong Chinese Food Categories

In this 60-page foodbook, you'll find over 150 colourful close up photos of the most classic Chinese dishes.

• Dim Sum
• Rice & Noodle
• Seafood
• Main Courses
• Hot Pot
• Spicy
• Vegetarian
• Desserts

One Foodbook with
5 Major Chinese Food Styles

Cantonese. Cantonese cuisine dominates the Hong Kong Chinese food market, as a majority of the population here are Cantonese, including myself. Cantonese food is the mildest and most common kind of Chinese food in Hong Kong as well as the United States and many other countries.

Beijing (Peking) / Shanghai. Beijing and Shanghai cuisine consist of a variety of dumplings, baked and steamed breads, various buns, noodles and soup. The food is relatively strong in taste and slightly oily.

SiChuan. SiChuan dishes are the spiciest Chinese food available in Hong Kong and certainly very tasty. When prepared in a traditional manner, many of the dishes are VERY hot. I’ll tell you which restaurant in Hong Kong produces the most authentic SiChuan spicy taste.

Chiu Chow. Nearby by Guangdong, Hong Kong has quite a large population of Chiu Chow people and good quality Chiu Chou restaurants. Chiu Chow food is relatively mild. Cold cuts, seafood and desserts are highly loved by Hong Kong people.

Following Anna's visit to our coastal capital of Adelaide, South Australia, I decided to return the favour and stop off in Hong Kong to catch up with my dear friend Anna and sample the recommended cuisine. Well, we must say that Anna is the perfect Hostess and really knows her food! Upon being invited to lunch, we thoroughly enjoyed a delicious banquet of authentic Chinese dishes, all selected by Anna and it was so good we could really use a daily fix ! As much as I would love to, I can't recommend a favourite as everything we sampled was beautifully presented, fresh and really tasty so go ahead, treat yourself to this great E-book on Authentic Chinese food.

Suzanne & Bill
Aussie Assist

Eating in Hong Kong
Value-Added Information

I have included price indication so you will be prepared of how much to pay. To let you enjoy the most out of Chinese food, I have also included a section on Chinese food culture. At the end of the book, you will also find my suggested restaurant list. To remind you, I never write food/restaurant reviews on a commercial basis. All my recommendations are out of my personal experience.

Want to land in Hong Kong immediately and start your food hunting? Download this e-book now – SPECIAL OFFER AT US$9.5 only - through end of 2010.

There is nothing compared to the number of hours you spend searching the internet for Chinese food and Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. Stop searching, download my ebook immediately and be prepared to enjoy all the yummy Chinese food here.

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