A Day Trip to Lamma Island
With Seafood Dinner

Lamma Island - Yung Shu Wan

Lamma Island is an ideal place to combine a half-day trip with a seafood dinner. If you enjoy outing, this tour is highly recommended when you visit Hong Kong.

My company is organizing some team building activities recently. An outing is part of it. I am being appointed project coordinator. Here is a report of the day.

Headhunters’ Outing Agenda
November 30, 2007 (Friday)
1.45pm Depart office for Pier 4 in Central
2.30pm Depart Pier 4 from Central to Yung She Wan on Lamma Island (HK$16.8*/adult – speed boat)
3.00pm Arrive at Lamma Island
3-6pm Outing from Yung Shu Wan to Suk Kuo Wan
6.00pm Seafood Dinner at Lamma Hilton
7.20pm Depart Suk Kuo Wan for Central (HK$14.8*/adult – speed boat)
7.50pm Arrive at Pier 4 in Central

*Weekend surcharge applies

Lamma Island - Yung Shu Wan

Leisure Walk
November has the best weather for outing in Hong Kong. We took a leisure scenic walk from Yung Shu Wan to Suk Kuo Wan. The route was mainly flat and easy to walk, though with some mild gradient.

Lamma used to be a fishing village. Because of its unique beautiful and tranquil environment, a lot of foreigners choose to live here. Hence when we get on board Yung Shu Wan, we noticed a lot of foreigners. Along the main street, there are mini cozy cafes, semi-outdoor seafood restaurants and many handicraft shops. Some of our colleagues couldn’t wait and start buying dry seafood snacks and start eating.

Lamma Island - Hung Sing Yeh Beach

Scenes On The Way
My boss visited Lamma Island quite regularly, hence became our tour guide. You must believe that he is really a Lamma fans, as I notice he met friends everywhere, greeting people along the way.

Tin Hau Temple (1870) – Goddess of the Sea, this is a must for fishing population.

Hung Sing Yeh Beach – beautiful beach with smooth sand and blue sky.

Power Station – our tour guide did not allow us to visit, as we were tight on timing.

Observation Pavilion – a bird’s eye view of the island. Good photogenic point.

Smooth Soft Beancurd – our tour guide was generous and bought us soft beancurd – very yummy and freshly made.

Lamma Island - soft beancurd

Minor Group from Aberdeen
Three lady colleagues, who didn’t join the major group, missed the ferry at Pier 4. Out of emergency, they took a taxi to Aberdeen (south Hong Kong) and took a wala-wala to join us at Suk Kuo Wan.

Wala-wala is actually a sampan, kind of a water taxi run by local fishermen. HK$100 for three, quite a reasonable deal, especially when they were desperate. The bonus was a chance to take beautiful sunset photos.

When they arrived at Suk Kuo Wan at 6pm sharp, they received our welcomed applause.

Seafood Restaurants at Suk Kuo Wan

Lamma Island - seafood restaurants

Lamma Island - seafood restaurants

There are a number of seafood restaurants lining up along the waterfront of Suk Kuo Wan. They are all semi-outdoor with clean, nice and lovely environment. Again, we notice a lot of foreigners eating here. Of course, choosing life seafood from the tanks is a must here. This is truly a unique Hong Kong seafood experience. However, as the project coordinator, I choose to have a pre-set menu to control expenses.

View the dishes from our Lamma Island seafood dinner

Lamma Island - dry seafood shop

Dry seafood also available

Team Building Achievements
I have proved my talent on time management, as everything under my control. The wala-wala trio demonstrated their crisis management ability and arrived on time to join us for dinner. We had to tender our care and protect those who were afraid of dogs. We had chances to speak among colleagues, apart from work base, getting a better understand of each other. I would grade this Lamma Island day trip as a successful team building activity.

Night Activities After Outing
If you love outing and natural sceneries, and can afford half a day’s time, this Lamma seafood outing is a highly recommended Hong Kong tour. Some of my colleagues even went on karaoke after we arrived at Central around 8pm. You might even have time to explore Lan Kwai Fong or the bars at Wanchai area.

Authur: Anna
November 30, 2007


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