Ocean Park Photo Gallery

My Ocean Park photo gallery contains some very lovely sea jelly, I am sure you'll like them. You can also see the dolphin show and some spectacular views from the park.

Sea Jelly Spectacular

View Ocean Park Sea Jelly Videos

Sea Jelly Spectacular is a very popular place. Please be prepared to queue a little. There are numerous kinds of sea jelly with very gracious motions. At the entrance, you are free to take a photo and if you like it, you can pay HK$80 for an A5 printout with sea jelly background to take home.

Dolphin Show

720 degrees spin

More Marine Lives

Goldfish Bubble Eyes

Clown Fishes

Sea Grass Dragon

Rare Breed - Nautilus - one of the oldest creatures on the planet

Spectacular Views

Some mechanical games, if you like excitement!

Ride a Balloon