Current Olympic Record / World Record
Held by Chinese Athletes

One World One Dream

I am proud to present some OR / WR
currently/previously held by Chinese athletes.

Here is a short list of my favourite events:
Olympic table tennis record
Olympic track & field record
Olympic weight lifting record
Olympic swimming record

Here is an Olympic record of a unique kind. In 2008 Beijing Olympics, China swept all medals from table tennis competitions, including men and women, single and team. Wonder if any other country had achieved such a record.

Women's Table Tennis
2008 Beijing

Gold - Zhang Yining

Silver - Wang Nan

Bronze - Guo Yue

Gold - Team

Men's Table Tennis
2008 Beijing

Gold - Ma Lin

Silver - Wang Hao

Bronze - Wang Liqin

Gold - team

Former world record holder
Men’s 110m Hurdle – 12.88s
Liu Xiang

Lausanne, Switzerland
July 11, 2006

Liu's victory story

Current world record 12.87s is held by
Dayron Robles
Ostrava, Czech Republic
June 12, 2008

Women’s Weightlifting
69kg – totaling 286kg
Liu Chunhong

Beijing Olympics
August 13, 2008
Liu broke three world records to retain her Olympic title in Beijing

Women’s 200m Butterfly – 2:04.18
Liu Zige

Beijing Olympics
August 14, 2008

When will these 15-year-old world records be broken?
Women’s 10,000m – 29:31.78
Wang Junxia

Beijing, China
September 8, 1993

Women’s 3,000m – 8:06.11
Wang Junxia

Beijing, China
September 13, 1993

Full List of Olympic Records Please note that China produces the most number of strong women (weight lifting) in the world!

China’s Overall Results at 2008 Beijing Olympics
Gold: 51
Silver: 21
Bronze: 28
Total: 100
Overall Ranking: First

China’s Overall Results at 2004 Athens Olympics
Gold: 32
Silver: 17
Bronze: 14
Total: 63
Overall Ranking: Second

See a detailed breakdown

Records Broken at 2004 Athens

Summary of records broken by Chinese at 2004 Athens
Men’s Track & Field : 1
Men’s Weight Lifting: 1
Men’s Shooting: 1
Women’s Swimming: 1
Women’s Weight Lifting: 6

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