Guilin Rice Noodle

Guilin rice noodle is my favourite and is a renowned food in Guilin. It is as famous as Guilin’s unique hills and water. Guilin residents have it for breakfast everyday. Since visitors love it, demand is highly increased. Nowadays people even turn it into a feast.

Similar to dumpling dinner in Xian, you can enjoy a rice noodle dinner with noodles of all kinds of ingredients, tastes and cooking methods. Each dish is made up of its unique colour and fragrance. If you are on a package tour, your itinerary must include a rice noodle feast.

Where to Eat Rice Noodle?
You don’t have to pick a beautiful restaurant. Look for old-fashioned little shops run by local people. These are the places where you can eat authentic Guilin rice noodle at an extremely economic price. Or you can just eat it as a street food at ¥2 per bowl. I am sure you just can't resist eating it.

Why is it so Delicious?
Guilin rice noodle is white and smooth and appears round or flat. Themed noodle include vegetarian noodle, beef noodle, trio meat noodle, plain noodle or hot and sour noodle.

Noodle topping is usually fried peanuts or soybeans, chopped green onion and thin slices of different kinds of meat. When dishing up, boiling spiced bittern were poured into the bowl. A final finishing of boiling oil is added to maximize the flavour making the noodle glossy, shinning and extremely aromatic.

Horse Meat Noodle
This is quite a historical cuisine originated from Qing Dynasty. Making horse meat noodle is slight different from others. Its soup is cooked from horse meat and bone under high heat and long hours until it turns milky white and thick.

Rice noodle is soaked in hot water to make it loose and easy for the mouth. Deep fried crispy horse meat is added to the top. Boiling soup is added to the bowl.

Historical way of eating horse meat noodle is an ‘espresso’ way. That is each bowl is a one-mouthful portion. While you finish one bowl, the waiter will keep on giving you the second and third and so on. A normal adult can easily eat up to 15 or 20 bowls.

Nowadays, only a couple of shops in Guilin are selling horse meat noodle. Even so, the ‘espresso’ tradition has been change to a regular size bowl.

Guilin Pepper Sauce
Guilin people love spicy and chilly food. Hence rice noodle is usually eaten with pepper sauce.

The main materials for Guilin pepper sauce are lobster sauce, garlic and Sanhua Wine. Hot, fragrant and tasteful, it is the best seasoning for your dishes. To the locals, the pepper sauce itself is an appetizing dish.

Guilin pepper sauce is something you can consider as a souvenir. If you like hot food, Guilin pepper sauce is a jewel. Before buying, ask yourself how much heat you can put on. Guilin pepper sauce is really excitedly hot. It is not expensive at all. Try to buy a bottle if you really like it.

Anna’s Notes
Eating in Guilin is not expensive at all. However there is an exception of ‘beer fish’. It might cost you up to ¥40 per fish. It is famous but not appreciated by everybody. As they are heavily advertised by restaurants, you might want to give it a try. However please make sure to ask to peel the scales. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a mouthful of fish scales.

After all, please don’t leave Guilin without having a bowl of rice noodle.

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