Shanghai Maglev

The Maglev in Shanghai is a high-speed rail connecting Pudong International Airport to the city.

Broadly, Shanghai is divided into two parts: Pudong (east of the Huangpu River) and Puxi (west of the Huangpu River).

Shanghai has two airports - Pudong and Hongqiao

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Located in Pudong new zone which it is connected to the city by maglev train. However if your destination is in the west part of Shanghai, it would be easier to go by taxi.

Pudong International Airport –Ground Transportation details

Hongqiao Airport

Located in Puxi, western Shanghai. Nowadays, it is mainly serving domestic flights. It has only international flights connecting to Seoul-Gimpo, Tokyo-Haneda. From airport to city, you would need to take bus or taxi, until the extension of Shanghai Metro Line 2 is completed.

Hongqiao Airport –Ground Transportation details

Shanghai Maglev

Speed and Style
The world's first revenue-producing point-to-point high-speed maglev started running by 2004. The 30-km line runs between Pudong Shanghai International Airport and the Shanghai Lujiazui financial district. An end-to-end ride takes about eight minutes.

The Maglevin Shanghai has a design speed of over 500 km/h and a regular service speed of 430 km/h. The Maglev in Shanghai is the fastest railway system in commercial operation in the world.

Stylish Cabin

Take a 360 degree virtual tour of the stylish cabin of the Shanghai Maglev

(wait three seconds for the video to start)

Take a 360 degree virtual tour of the stylish station hall of the Maglev

Ticket Cost of Maglev in Shanghai
From Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road Metro Station - the 30-kilometer trip will take only eight minutes. The operation interval is 15-20 minutes.

The round trip ticket cost 80 yuan and the one way ticket cost 50 yuan. Passengers with current day flight ticket can buy a one way ticket of Maglev Train at 20% discount.

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