Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong is going to be lots of fun. Hong Kong shopping is famous for its competitive prices and enormous product varieties. You’ll be surprised by the latest and hottest items available. The Nokia phones here could be even trendier than those of Helsinki’s. Statistics shows 56% of total Hong Kong visitor spending goes on shopping.

Come experience it, you just can’t resist it. This is one of the reasons that you should set Hong Kong as your final stop on your China travel golden route.

Now let’s talk about the best things to shop in Hong Kong and where to buy them.

Shopping in Hong Kong – By Product

Gold Jewellery

Shopping in Hong Kong - Gold jewellery

In Chinese culture, gold is forever. Therefore my prime suggestion for shopping in Hong Kong is gold jewellery. This is the best souvenir for your Hong Kong travel. You must be convinced by their modern or traditional designs as well as first class craftsmanship. Hong Kong gold business guarantees the purity of gold, therefore you don’t have to worry about quality.

Gold is sold according to its purity and weight, plus labour cost. Therefore a price tag usually shows the weight and purity indication of 999 or 999.9. However some might show the final selling price.

Fashionable gold rings, bracelets or mini horoscope animals might start from HK$700 (US$90) up.

Diamond Jewellery

Shopping in Hong Kong - diamond

Diamond is another sought-after item of shopping in Hong Kong. We import the best and highest quality diamonds. Hong Kong also has first class designers and finest workmanship. In fact, Hong Kong is one of the world’s four largest diamond trading centres.

Diamonds in Hong Kong are sold at unbeatable duty-free prices. Depends on the size of the diamond, a pair of ear rings might start from HK$1,800 (US$230) up. Don’t forget to ask for certificates if you are buying one carat or more.


Shopping in Hong Kong - antique

If you love Chinese antiques or artifacts, Hollywood Road is the number one destination for your shopping in Hong Kong. Wide collections of Chinese antiques are sold at a fraction of auction house prices. Some of the shops provide certificates for authenticity. These antique shops and stalls line up on Hollywood Road all the way towards Cat Street. While the cost of antiques is difficult to determine, please feel free to bargain.

Soho is an adjacent area comprises of Staunton Street, Elgin Street and Shelley Street. This area is highly cosmopolitan with many different themed restaurants and bars. After your antique shopping, don’t forget to come here to have a relaxed afternoon tea.

Direction: MTR Central station, exit D1. Walk along Queen’s Road Central towards The Center. Then take the covered escalator to mid-levels. This escalator is the longest in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

Chinese Handicrafts

Shopping in Hong Kong - Chinese handicrafts

Chinese handicrafts are hot items for shopping in Hong Kong. If you would like to take home some Chinese clothing and handicrafts, you must visit one of the Chinese Arts and Crafts shops. They sell super high class embroidered products, silk fabric, traditional Chinese fashion and handicrafts.

They have four shops located at China Resources Building and Pacific Place on Hong Kong side; Star House at Star Ferry and Nathan Hotel on Kowloon side.

Shanghai Tang is another luxurious Chinese style fashion house. Everything here has a concept of Chinese culture. Local westerners love this brand name very much. Their shop is situated on Pedder Street in Central, right opposite to The Landmark. They have a branch at the Pacific Place as well.

If you want to go economy, you might want to dive into Lee Yuen Street East or West in Central. These two little streets lie between Des Voeux Road Central and Queen’s Road Central, not far away from Central MTR station. There are mini stalls lining up on these two streets selling Chinese stuff. While shopping in Hong Kong, this is one of the places you can demonstrate your bargaining skills.

Mobile Phones

Shopping in Hong Kong - mobile phones

Mobile phone is something you can’t resist while shopping in Hong Kong. From vanilla to 3G, you name it, Hong Kong has it.

Along Percival Street in Causeway Bay, nearby Times Square, there are numerous mobile phone shops which are packed with customers day and night. Actually large and beautiful branded phone shops are everywhere in Central, Wanchai and Tsimshatsui.

Digital Cameras, Computers and Electronics

These are on many tourists’ shopping list. Shopping in Hong Kong is just like swimming among floods of product choices. Do a bit of research in advance, write your shopping list and come do your shopping in Hong Kong. I am sure you would be surprised by the wide range of models and their unbeatable prices. I must tell you all the shops selling these items are always full of people.

Fortress and Broadway are well established shops with long term reputation. You can easily find them in Times Square.

Designers’ Fashions, Accessories, Leather Goods, Watches

If you are interested in luxury goods, Hong Kong is a heaven. Some tourists intentionally come do their luxury shopping in Hong Kong. You can’t find these luxury goods at better prices elsewhere in the world. I've noticed a tourist spend HK$250,000 for a Corum watch without batting an eye. Louis Vuitton and Prada normally have people line up in front of their flagship shops.

IFC II and The Landmark have the highest population of these luxurious branded shops. In fact, Central district is fully of luxury shops.


Shopping in Hong Kong - cosmetics

Ladies must enjoy cosmetics shopping in Hong Kong. Your favourite brand must be available here. Wonderful selections of colour cosmetics and skin care products are available at department stores namely Lane Crawford, Sogo and Seibu.

Chain stores such as Sasa, Bonjour and Angel offer paralegal products of prestigious brands at very competitive prices. Causeway Bay, Central and Tsimshatsui are major shopping areas for cosmetics.

Shopping in Hong Kong – By District

Hong Kong Island

Shopping in Hong Kong - Central

Central district has everything. It has the most luxurious shopping malls, department stores and sparkling jewellery shops. However shopping in this area is expensive.

Contrast to luxury shopping, Central district also has the Lee Yuen Streets offering bargaining shopping. You can always get good deals here depending on your bargaining skills. Buy all kinds of Chinese stuffs here.

Central district also has Soho, Hollywood Street and Cat Street offering antique shopping and wonderful cafes and restaurants for a cup of high tea after your shopping tour.

Direction: MTR Central station, walk along Des Voeux Road Central or Queen’s Road Central for jewellery shops, Soho and Lee Yuen Street. Follow instructions to The Landmark and IFC II.

Opening hours: Shops in Central district close around 7pm as it is a commercial area.

Admiralty is just adjacent to Central. Here you’ll find Pacific Place and Admiralty Centre. You can buy electronic products, sports wear and fashion. Pacific Place is of higher class however Admiralty Centre is more economic.

Direction: MTR Admiralty station.

Opening hours: Shops close around 10pm.

Causeway Bay is the number one destination for shopping in Hong Kong, tourists and locals alike. This area is crowded with shopping malls and department stores. Causeway Bay is where you can buy all kinds of everything at unbeatable prices. Make sure your credit card has sufficient limit.

Shopping in Hong Kong - Causeway Bay

If you enjoy shopping, you might want to book a nearby hotel. At the heart of Causeway Bay shopping area, there are several five-star hotels, namely Park Lane, Holiday Inn Express, Excelsior and the Regal Hong Kong Hotel.

Direction: MTR Causeway Bay station.

Opening hours: Shops close around 10pm or even later. Street side sellers start to work after shops closed. Good for late night shopping.

Stanley Market at the southern part of Hong Kong Island is also loved by visitors. Actually foreigners like shopping here more than locals. There are hundreds of shops selling Chinese clothing, handcrafts and souvenirs at very attractive prices.

At the other side of the market is ideal for alfresco seaside dining. There are numerous restaurants and pubs offering Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Indian and French food. Local westerners enjoy sitting at the open area with their puppies. Other than shopping, Stanley is also a place for sight seeing and has plenty of tourist facilities.

Stanley is also a very prestigious residential area. You’ll see beautiful houses and apartments on your way there. You’ll also pass by Hong Kong famous beach Repulse Bay.

Direction: Take bus number 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 at Exchange Square bus terminus in Central. From Causeway Bay, take green minibus number 40 from Tang Lung Street. MTR Causeway Bay station, exit B, cross Hennessy Road and turn right.

Opening hours: Shops close by 6pm. Restaurants open through late evening. See My Stanley Photos

Kowloon Peninsula

Tsimshatsui - the golden mile of Nathan Road is full of shops selling everything. Things here are mid to high class. You have to take extra care while shopping in this area. High percentage of complaints received by The Hong Kong Consumer Counsel is associated with shops in Tsimshatsui. Beware of bait-and-switch tactics. Try to ignore the south Asians approaching you for copy watches.

Carnarvon Road and Mody Road in Tsimshatsui is line up with numerous export retailers. This is an ideal place to shop for low cost clothing and cosmetics. But be prepared to compromise on quality.

Direction: MTR Tsimshatsui station.

Open hours: You can shop in Tsimshatsui almost round the clock. Some restaurants and convenient shops open 24 hours.

Mongkok - Nathan Road in Mongkok area is fully of eye-catching sparkling gold jewellery shops. These shops outperformed any other retail business even during Asian Monetary Crisis. Gold shopping in Hong Kong is world-famous as purity is guaranteed. Gold also has resell value. These shops are usually packed with customers.

If you enjoy bargaining, Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok is where you should go. Locals call this ‘Women Street’ selling economic fashion and accessories. In this area you can experience how cheap things can be. While branded T-shirts in Central costs around HK$2,000, T-shirts here is just HK$20 or even cheaper.

Direction: MTR Mongkok station.

Opening hours: Shops open through late night.

Shopping in Hong Kong – By Ranking

  • Luxury shopping : Central, IFC II, The Landmark, Pacific Place
  • Deluxe shopping : Times Square (Causeway Bay)
  • Cheap shopping : Fa Yuen Street (Mongkok), Carnarvon Road and Mody Road (Tsimshatsui), Lee Yuen Streets (Central)
  • All-day shopping : Causeway Bay, Tsimshatsui, Mongkok (shops in this areas open through late night)
  • Computer shopping : Windsor House (Causeway Bay)
  • Antique shopping : Hollywood Road (Central), Chinese Arts and Crafts
  • Chinese handicrafts shopping : Stanley, Chinese Arts and Crafts, Shanghai Tang

Hong Kong - Asia's Best Shopping City 2012

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