About The Author

Hello, my name is Anna. I am a 55 year old Chinese, residing in Hong Kong. I make my living out of headhunting very senior investment bankers.

Though I offer career change help to many, I do need a career change plan for myself, especially when I am approaching 50. My determination to have a career change after 50 as well as owning a small home business inspired me to build this website.

Some other factors have contributed to my building of this website.
• I want to do something I love to do
• I want to do something risk free
• I want a stable income after retirement
• I don’t want to exchange money with time

About This Site

During my research to look for some small home business ideas, I came across Ken Evoy’s eBook of The Affiliate Masters Course. He talked about a step-by-step process of building an affiliate business by building a website.

I’ve also read Jennifer White’s book of Work Less Make More®. Don’t get it wrong. This book brings up the idea of restructuring our way of making money. This is how I come to the idea of NOT to exchange money with time.

As someone turning 50, I would want to reserve more time to enjoy life and spend less time working. Thanks to Ken and Jennifer, combining their ideas, I have decided to build a website to work towards my goal of career change after 50.

Why China Travel Golden Route?

This is a travel website built by a headhunter. You might wonder why I don’t build a headhunting site instead. Well, everybody has some kind of a hobby other than their work. As Ken said, everybody knows something about anything. Everyone can turn that something into a website and generate income.

I asked myself what do I know and what are my interests. At the initial stage, I had a choice between ‘resume’ and ‘travel’. Writing a good resume is something I am confident of. But isn’t that exchanging money with the number of resumes I write? My objectives of building a website are not to exchange money with time and at the same time risk free.

Make money through a website won’t require me to work 9 to 5 and is absolutely risk free. All my investment is $25/month to have SBI’s comprehensive service. More important is that I love China and I am proud to present China travel to the world. My knowledge of Chinese culture, history, literature, food and everything has given me all the confidence in building an interesting China travel website.

How I Built This Site?

I was feared at the beginning as I had no idea of how to build a website. I was not born at a computer age. Not until 30, I had no chance to touch a computer.

Fortunately, Ken Evoy’s Site Build It! (SBI) helps non-tech small business people to build websites. SBI has everything in a box. People like me, without any tech background, have proved to be able to use it.

You probably found this site by using a search engine. Well that's what SBI helps me with. It showed me how to build pages that rank high in the major engines so I can get as much free traffic as possible. SBI takes care of everything on the technical side. All I have to do is to produce quality content for my site. SBI also shows me how to make money out of affiliate programs and Google Adsense. Thanks to SBI.

Couple of Cool Success Stories

Let me introduce a couple of my fellow SBI site owners.

Kim’s story is most close to mine. SBI had made his retirement plan works out well. I particularly like his facts of advertising $0, inventory $0, wages $0, bank loan $0, SBI rental $25/month.

Nantley is another SBI friend of mine. She has made use of SBI to have a successful career change. She also loves the change in life that SBI offers.

Make It a Go!

I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't use it myself. My advice is to pick a topic that you have a personal interest in. Think about your hobbies or passions? Try it out at your spare time.

Do you have some personal experience that can help people? Release back pain? Train a dog? Become a successful headhunter? The topic can be anything. Just make sure you are interested enough in the topic to build a useful, informative website that people love your content and keep coming back.

Solo Build It, the host I used, is completely risk free. Solo Build It will give you a FULL refund if it's not for you, and there's no "trial period" or any sneaky catches.

Want More Information?

This iLoveSBI link consists many videos. Each of them contains a story from folks that actually use and succeed with Solo Build It!.

This 30-minute SBI video might answer most of your questions.

Still have a question? Click here to ask. Solo Build It will answer your questions by a real person, usually within 24 hours.

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