The Peak of Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour from the Peak of Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour from the Peak of Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is certainly the number one tourist destination here. The Victoria Peak provides a stunning bird’s-eye view of the world-famous Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong skyline as well as Kowloon. It is a great place for wandering around day and night, for visitors and locals alike.

Getting There

• Peak Tram - town station at Garden Road in Central, few blocks behind the Bank of China Tower.
• Open-Top Bus No. 15C from Central Pier 7 (next to Star Ferry) to Garden Road peak tram station.
• Bus No. 15 at Exchange Square bus terminus in Central.
• Green minibus No. 1 at Central (Hong Kong Station Public Transport Interchange).
• Taxi from Central would cost around HK$100.

Peak Tram

The Peak of Hong Kong - Peak Tram

The Peak Tram carried its first passenger to the Peak of Hong Kong in 1888 and has been in service over the past century. It is a funicular railway of 1,365 metres long and climbs 396 metres above sea level. It is the shortest yet most scenic route to the Peak of Hong Kong. The whole journey takes seven minutes with four stops.

Other than transportation to the Peak of Hong Kong, Peak Tram itself is an attraction of Hong Kong travel.

It takes you up an incline as steep as one in two, almost perpendicular at some points. Buildings look like they are leaning at a 45-degree angle. They just look like a jungle of buildings with extreme density. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

Daily 07:00 to midnight, every 10-15 minutes
Single journey: HK$28
Return journey: HK$40

More about Peak Tram

Open-Top Bus - Peak Tram station

Open top bus 15C to the Peak of Hong Kong

Peak Tram station is connected to Pier 7 in Central by open-top bus number 15C. If you want to go to the Victoria Peak, this is a great way to experience Hong Kong.

Once you get off the Star Ferry, turn right to Pier 7 and the 15C bus terminus is there.

You might start your tour to the Victoria Peak by open-top bus, follow by peak tram. You can take a bus ride to return to Central. This is the most interesting route to explore the Peak of Hong Kong.

Daily: 10:15 to 23:55 (from Garden Road Tram Terminus)
Daily: 10:00 to 23:40 (from Central Pier 7)
Every 10-20 minutes
HK$4.20 (Air-Conditioned or Open Top)

Walking Tour – the Peak Trail

Along Lugard Road at the Peak of Hong Kong, there is an extremely easy-to-walk scenic trail. This circular path offers an easy stroll with incredible views. On Sunday, even locals walk with their puppies. This is definitely a walk that should not be missed. It is sure to heighten your experience at the Peak of Hong Kong.

Lugard Road trial is the perfect place to experience the sharp contrast of city, harbour and green. Like a nature trail, with signboards telling of plant and animal life, geology, and how the path was constructed - partly on supports where the path overhangs the steep hills. There are also picnic areas and kids playground together with facilities for you to do exercises.

Soon after you start, you’ll see the Pokfulam Reservoir. Moving forward, you are actually seeing Hong Kong from west to east. In about 30 minutes, you will experience the panoramic views of skyscrapers, beautiful green mountains and the world-famous Victoria Harbour which is also one of the busiest.

This extremely easy and pleasant walk at the Peak of Hong Kong is about an hour. It might take a little longer if you want to spend more time on the stunning views.

Lion Pavilion – multi-level observation deck

the Peak of Hong Kong - Lion Pavilion

Lion Pavilion is a vantage point where you can overlook the beautiful city of Hong Kong across the Victoria Harbour to Kowloon Peninsula. Just next to the Peak Tram station, the Lion Pavilion at the Peak of Hong Kong is full of tourists day and night. I am sure your experience here is going to be unforgettable.

If you want to take photos here, you would need a bit of patience, unless you don’t mind to be surrounded by crowds. Experience tells me that patience works. There must be moments that crowds disappear and you can take a great photo at the peak of Hong Kong. However if you don’t want to wait, you can buy service from street photographers who has occupied the best photogenic spots for you. An 8R instant print would cost around HK$100.

Peak Tower

the Peak of Hong Kong - Lion Pavilion

At the Peak of Hong Kong where the Peak Tower is, there used to be a Fools Pavilion (老襯亭). It doesn’t mean you are a fool coming here. It means you are looking at the fools down the mountain. Chinese in the early 20th Century had this humour saying that there are lots of fools while overlooking at the life episodes down the mountain.

The Fools Pavilion has been rebuilt and rebuilt and now becomes the Peak Tower. But still a lot of Hong Kongers like to call it the Fools Pavilion.

For ages, the Fools Pavilion has been a landmark of Hong Kong. This current Peak Tower is an award winning design. The building is highly visible even from sea level and is intended to symbolise Hong Kong. It offers one of the best views in the world and creates a backdrop to the spectacular cityscape of Hong Kong's Central district.

The Peak Tower incorporates the Peak tram station, with viewing platforms, restaurants and retail outlets. Madame Tussauds features more than 100 wax works covering three floors and five themed areas. This is an interactive and absorbing entertainment experience at the Peak of Hong Kong!

Peak Galleria and Other Goodies

Above the bus terminal, the Peak Galleria is another assortment of shops and restaurants, including Café Deco, The Hard Rock Café and MacDonald’s. There is also an excellent collection of souvenirs and handicrafts at reasonable prices.

Right opposite to the Peak Galleria is the Peak Café. This historical restaurant is another hallmark of the Peak of Hong Kong. Its outdoor terrace offers incredible views of the city.

If you enjoy hiking and find the Lugard Road trial not challenging enough, you can walk further up to the higher level of the Victoria Peak.

The Peak of Hong Kong is a very prestigious area where the richest people live. You might want to spend some time take a look at the beautiful houses around. The quarter of the Chief Secretary of HKSAR is located on 15 Barker Road. You’ll see it when you ascend or descend the Peak on a bus ride.

China travel tip: the Peak of Hong Kong

Open-Top bus plus Peak Tram is certainly the best transportation to visit the Peak of Hong Kong. Peak Tram station at both Garden Road and the Peak has long queue on Sunday and holidays. Make sure to go early and avoid the crowd.

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