A Day Trip to Shenzhen Window of the World

Want to visit Window of the World? Fly to Hong Kong first, as it is the gateway to Shenzhen. Air Canada has daily flights.

Shenzhen Window of the World is an ideal option for a day trip from Hong Kong.

It is a theme park with miniatures of the major heritages, natural sceneries from all around the world, in a scale ranging from 1:1 to 1:15. Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe are in a scale that really look very real.

Window of the World is a place where you will be able to travel around the world in one day.

Few things you need to do and see:
• Visit all the major points of interest from around the world
• Participate in exciting games (at additional fee)
• View the wonderful shows

Getting There

From Hunghom or Tsimshatsui East: take KCR train to Lou Hu. Check through immigrations, continue to Shenzhen Metro (underground railway) Line 1. This will lead you through to the main entrance of the theme park of Window of the World.

This whole journey will take about 1.5 hours. My suggestion is to take a good brunch before you start. Spend sufficient time in the park, including the grand show at 7.30pm daily which will last through 9pm.

Touring Around

Make sure to pick up a tourist map at the main entrance. Spend sufficient time before you leave. Once you are out of the park, you need to buy another ticket to go in again.

Monorail - take a good look at the park at an altitude.
Hire a little cart (2 persons only) - drive on your own and explore the points of interest on your own pace.
Join a little van tour (10-15 person per van) – with limited points of drop off and a Mandarin speaking guide.
Walk –the most flexible and economic option.

My Journey to Shenzhen Window of the World

10:30 – Heavy brunch
12:00 – Take KCR from Hunghom
12:50 – Arrive at Lou Hu
13.00 – Continue on Shenzhen Metro to check in to my hotel
13:30 – Arrive at Seaview O’City Hotel
14:00 - Start exploring Window of the World
19:30 – Grand Show at the Global Arena
21:00 – take Shenzhen Metro back to hotel

Travel Around the World in One Day

Here is my itinerary during my visit last Saturday, March 28, 2009:

Glass Pyramid – this is the main entrance, designed by famous Chinese architect IM Pei.
Japan – Katsura Detached Palace
India – Bhaja Chaitya Hall, Modhere Sacred Well, Taj Mahal
France – Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Fountain of the Observatory
Italy – The Pisa Leaning Tower, The Colosseum
Egypt – Pyramids of Giza and The Sphinx
Americas – Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, Pole of the American Indians, The Statues of Easter Island, Dinosaur Park

I spent 5.5 hours covering only 50% (I think) of the park, before I join the grand show at 7.30pm.

Free Shows

There are plenty of free shows within the park, but you need to check the time table which you obtain from the main entrance. Here are the ones I saw:

• American Indian Aboriginal dances
• Venezuela Mountain Torrents
• Skating Show at Alps Ice and Snow World
• Grand Show at The Global Arena (daily at 7.30pm)

Paid Games

There are several games there you need to pay extra for. But they are too exciting for me. May be you can try them if you wish:

• Greenland Underground Exploration
• Grand Canyon Adventure Rafting
• Inca Rock Climbing
• Amazon Bobkart Slide
• Indian Archery

Window of the World Facilities

Food stalls – plenty, though they might not suite your taste. That’s why I suggest you go for a heavy brunch. Alternatively, bring your own food and drinks.

Toilets – plenty, but the floors are completely wet, some of doors cannot be locked, many of the sinks had no water and of course, you must bring your own toilet paper.

Souvenior shops – plenty, I like those at the European Street. I found many very well designed and economic souveniors.

The Grand Show

I personally do not appreciate shows at theme parks as I usually find them noisy with lots of colourful people in and out. But the Grand Show at Window of the World changed my thoughts. I must say that they are first class professional dancers and the performance is first class and wrapped up by a parade and fireworks which I really appreciate. Only this show would worth the value of my entrance ticket.

Option to Stay Overnight

After the grand show, it was about 9pm. We decided to go back to our hotel for a late night dinner before retiring. Our hotel, Seaview O City Hotel is just one stop from Window of the World on Shenzhen Metro. So if you do not want to take a late night journey back to Hong Kong, you can choose to stay overnight.

Nearby Attractions in Shenzhen

Actually there are plenty of attractions in Shenzhen which are very nearby to each other. From Seaview O City Hotel you can walk via footbridge to Splendid China/China Folk Cultures Villages or you can choose to take the Happy Line monorail for a 25-minute tour around Shenzhen (RMB40). Stop at Happy Valley if you have kids with you.


Open daily 09:00-22:30

Shenzhen Metro / Hong Kong KCR

Whole journey – from Lou Hu to Window of the World – RMB5
From my hotel (Hua Qiao Cheng station) to Window of the World – RMB2
KCR from Hunghom to Lou Hu – HK$33