Nothing Compares to a Xian Tour

A Xian tour is your recipe to satisfaction if you are interested in ancient Chinese civilization, culture and history. Being the capital city of Imperial China for 13 dynasties, totalling 1,100 years, Xian will walk you through the 6,000-year history of China.

The current city of Xian heavily resembles images from Tang Dynasty, one of the most glorious periods in Chinese history.

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About Xian

Xian is extremely rich in heritages, both above and below the ground. No wonder its underground railway takes ages to build and is still under construction. Because the Xian Government has to inspect each and every inch of its earth before digging, to ensure no underground treasures being damaged.

Cave dwellers made their home here since prehistoric times.

Back to recent times, the most critical political event in contemporary China, Xian Incident happened here 70 years ago.

In 1974 we discovered the terra cotta warriors and horses which is now attracting millions of visitors to Xian each year.

Xian went through the golden ages of Han and Tang Dynasty as their capital city. Xian government requires every building at the down town area to be built with a Tang look. Even KFC has to be a Tang style building.

Xian is also the starting point of the west-bound Silk Road. Xian travel forms a unique part of China travel, and is a must for all visitors as well as foreign rulers.

A typical Xian tour consists of things to see, to eat and to buy.

The essence of Xian travel is to experience ancient Chinese culture and civilization. Therefore let’s look at some major points of interest, before we move on to eating and shopping.

Xian Tour Highlights

If you are running short of time, please do visit these sites from top down.

Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
A full-scale life-size replication of the Qin Dynasty army from 2,000 years ago. No other burial site in the world is comparable to this.

Take a look at the bio of Qin Shi Huang – the first Emperor of Qin, who ordered to build this awesome magnificence.

Banpo Village

Banpo Neolithic Village
The most famous archaeological site associated with the Yangshao culture.

Distinct features of a matriarchal society could be found.

An ideal place to witness ancient Chinese civilization of 6,000 years ago.

Xian City Wall
Xian City Wall is a rarity. It demonstrated ancient Chinese wisdom in establishing an extremely strong defensive force to their capital city. It is the best-preserved architectural masterpiece of its kind.

City Entering Ceremony - this Highest Honor Welcome Ceremony is unique to Xian and is a protocol originated in Tang Dynasty. Bill Clinton was one of the VIPs being welcomed to Xian by this ceremony in recent years.

Huaqing Hot Spring
A royal resort originally built in Zhou Dynasty. The place has had extremely brilliant and colourful history. It has also been an extremely romantic place since Tang Dynasty. You must have to know the love story between Yang Guifei and King Xuanzong before coming here. I’ll tell you this story.

Xian Incident
Took place here in December 1936. This was the most important event that had lead to critical changes in recent Chinese history. You’ll witness bullet holes left by gun battle.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda
A pagoda standing on the earth of Xian for over 1,300 years is not merely a miracle. It has been a dream place for scholars in Tang Dynasty.

I’ll tell you the custom of Goose Pagoda Autograph. You’ll have to know about this in order to make your visit here more interesting.

Travel Arrangements

Please bring the richest skin care products you have, men and women alike. And have them with you all the time. Don’t leave them in the hotel. Xian is very dry and sandy in winter. Please drink lots of water. Daily temperature difference in Xian could be tremendous. Make sure to have a jacket with you even in summer.

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